Iconic Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses sold for 2.5 crore rupees

Iconic Mahatma Gandhi's glasses sold for 2.5 crore rupees - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of East Bristol Auctions Ltd via Facebook

Iconic round-framed glasses of Indian Independence leader Mahatma Gandhi were sold at a whopping 260,000 Pound-Sterling translating to rupees 2,55,00,463.88 Indian Rupees, or 2.5 crores in the UK.

And if media reports are to be believed, the pair of glasses had quite a brush with doomed destiny until it fetched the whopping cash for its worth.

The pair of Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses were found hanging halfway from an auction house’s letterbox on August 9th. It was reportedly wrapped in an envelope with a message written that read: “These glasses belonged to Gandhi, give me a call.”

Mr. Stowe saw the glasses, gave quick research on whom it belonged, and realized it might be a very significant historic find. He phoned the owner back and the gentleman reportedly said to throw the glasses away if they’re ‘not so good.’

“These are probably the most famous pair of spectacles we’ve ever had, and the most important historical item we’ve found,” Andrew Stowe, one of the auctioneers, said.

The east Bristol auction house estimated the glass would fetch somewhere around £15,000, but evidently it outperformed the expectation.

Iconic Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses sold for 2.5 crore rupees (Image courtesy of East Bristol Auctions Ltd via Facebook)

According to Sky News, the seller inherited the pair of iconic glasses from an ‘Uncle’ who worked in South Africa, at the same time when Gandhi was spending his stint in South Africa as a Barrister. Between 1910 and 1930, precisely.

The uncle got the glasses from Gandhi himself and since then it has passed down from generation to generation in his family until it went to the auction houses letterbox.

Mr. Stowe earlier said he almost fell from the chair after he discovered the gold-plated circular glasses belonged to the iconic Indian leader.

“We looked into the dates and it all matches up, even the date Gandhi started wearing glasses,” he told the BBC earlier.

“They are probably one of the first pairs of glasses he wore as they are quite a weak prescription. He was known for giving his possessions away.”

Then the glasses went on auction on Saturday and arguably outperformed the expected price. The auction house announced the transaction on social media, describing it as an “incredible result for an incredible item”.

“I told him I thought they were worth £15,000, and I think he nearly fell off his chair,” Mr. Stow said.