Machu Picchu: only 7 visitors will be allowed per trip after July reopening


Hotspot of Peruvian tourism, the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu will sharply limit the number of tourists after the location opens for Peruvian visitors in July.

According to reports, in order to curb the spread of the virus after tourism reopens, only 7 people at a time will be hosted by guided to the ruins of the ancient Incas in Peru, AFP reports. The July reopening is scheduled to review the area back from national confinement put in place in March.

According to the governor of the Cusco region – Jean-Paul Benavente, numbers of tourists will be cut to a quarter of what it normally allows, enabling only 675 tourists a day to sightsee the popular Machu Picchu location. In usual times, as much as 5k tourists would flock the popular location in peak seasons.

In usual times, as much as 5k tourists would flock the popular Peruvian location in peak seasons (Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash)

However, it remains unclear when foreign tourists will be able to visit South America, as international border restrictions are still in place. Airports remain closed. According to local media, a lot of strict hygiene protocols will be placed, including mandatorily wearing masks by visitors and installation of wooden stairs “to protect the lithic elements,” by the site authorities.

“During the visitor tours, there will be a rigorous work by tourist guides for the strict fulfillment of the protocol, which will not prevent the attractiveness from being appreciated in all its magnitude. In some parts, the circuits converge, and rules will be set there under a ‘traffic light’ mechanism,” officials of the UNESCO World Heritage site was quoted as saying.

Coronavirus lockdown has hardly hit Peru’s tourism industry. In the Cusco region where Machu Picchu is located, tourism reportedly employs 100,000 people. South America is the worst-hit country from coronavirus in the world, second only to the US in terms of the number of infections.