WATCH: Lioness strives to reach zebra-dressed baby. Why you decide


Well, why the lioness would be eager to touch a zebra-dressed baby is something she herself knows (and maybe you can guess too). By by the looks of it, the lioness is keeping no stone unturned to reach a baby who is at a distance of a few inch of glass.

Shared by UK media The Sun, the video has been watched over 300k times. It shows a relatively young lioness trying hard to reach a baby who is sitting just at a few inch distance on the other side of a glass wall.

She claws, yawns, mouths and struggles to touch the adorable kid donned in a zebra-like dress, who’s clueless on the other side of the glass (perhaps for the best). Watch the video below:

[Tweet via The Sun]

As you can guess, it is truly dubious why the lioness is in her penchant to reach the child. “Not sure about playing. Looks like its hungry,” a Twitter user writes. “Play? If no safety glass there, dinner!” someone else points out.

Have a look at what others have to say:

Would you let your bab it in front of an eager lion? What do you think the lion was trying to do? Comment below.