“Gamer grandma:” 90-years old Japanese granny is a game-addict

“Gamer grandma:” 90-years old Japanese granny is a game-addict

Granny Hamako is otherwise an elegant Japanese lady in her 90s. But her calm demure with white hairs tied in a ponytail and specs perched on her nose does not last as long. Once the gaming console is in her hand, she’s a gun-trotting military parading the virtual world in Call of Duty among others.

The pensioner lady living in Chiba, southeast of Tokyo of Japan tells Agence France Presse in a video chat interview that she is very passionate about playing games every day and even admits to staying up until 2 for some interesting sessions. She reportedly plays for three or more hours daily and she even has a famed Youtube channel.

Mori also holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. Her channel, launched in 2014 has 150,000 subscribers which she opened to connect to other players and share her life, like unboxing a brand-new PlayStation console or blowing the candle for her 90th birthday.

Watch “Gamer Grandma” say about her passion

Mori was intrigued by the young generation’s obsession with games back in 1981 when she bought her first console- a Cassette Vision. By now she has competed for some 200 titles in her four-decades long gaming career, with some of the world’s smash hits like “Super Mario Brothers,” “Call of Duty,” and “Dragon Quest,” to name a few. “Grand Theft Auto V” and popular fantasy role-playing “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is her favorite.

“I discovered that there was this fascinating thing that existed in the world,” she told AFP, adding that gaming is a “motivation in life” since you can do whatever you want to in the virtual world.

Her only 43-years old grandchild Keisuke Nagao says: “I think she is slightly different. Ordinary old people are not so enthusiastic about video games as she is.”


To be able to keep with the physical demands of the modern gaming consoles, like the Play Station 4 she owns, Mori flexes her fingers to keep them agile. “I won’t put it down just because it’s difficult… It’s better than doing nothing!” she says. The Guinness World Record-holder realizes the concerns of gamer’s addiction, especially among the young but points out how games have helped people navigate lockdown.

Hamako Mori who regularly swam until the age of 80 encourages people of her age to get gaming or find other hobbies, that necessarily not has to be gaming. She still knits.

“After living for this long, I feel more than ever that playing games for this long were the right choice. I am truly enjoying my life – it’s rosy,” Mori tells Guinness World Records.

(Cover image courtesy of Guinness World Records)

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