Adorable 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video fetches $760,000 at NFT auction

Kolkata, India: Another classic piece of internet culture has been auctioned off for a six-figure sum, the latest viral sensation from the 2000s to be eagerly snapped up by digital collectors of "non fungible tokens" or NFTs.

On the 14th anniversary of its release, the home video "Charlie Bit My Finger" sold for about $761,000.

A British youngster named Harry embraces his infant brother Charlie in this 55-second YouTube clip from 2007. However, when Harry slips his pointer finger into his brother's mouth, Charlie clamps down, resulting in the well-known phrases "ouch, Charlie" and "Charlie, that really hurt."

It's one of YouTube's most popular videos, with over 883 million views, but it'll be taken off from the platform soon.

The Davies-Carr family said the highest bidder would become "the sole owner of this lovable piece of internet history" after the auction on Sunday, despite the fact that it has been copied, duplicated, and reposted multiple times throughout the internet.

The sale garnered bids from 11 accounts, sparking a bidding war between users "mememaster" and "3fmusic," with the latter winning with a $760,999 price.

NFT on the rise

NFT collectibles, which are essentially digital assets with a blockchain-based guarantee of authenticity, have risen in popularity in the last year.

While the idea of purchasing something that can be endlessly replicated may be perplexing to some, a mania for NFTs has emerged in marketplaces around the world, as purchasers compete for bragging rights to a certified original.

Memes, GIFs, photographs, and videos from the early days of the internet have done exceptionally well.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet, "just setting up my twttr," dated 2006, for $2.9 million to a Malaysian businessman in March.

The month before, an unknown bidder paid $590,000 for Nyan Cat, a 10-year-old animation featuring a flying, rainbow cat with a poptart body.

Last month, a Dubai-based music studio bought "Disaster Girl," a 16-year-old snapshot of a slyly smiling toddler with a house on fire in the backdrop, for 180 Euthereum, the equivalent of nearly $500,000 at the time.


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