Lifestyle‘Money Heist’ star Alba Flores (Nairobi) features in stunning...

‘Money Heist’ star Alba Flores (Nairobi) features in stunning new PETA ad, urges fans to go veg


The bold, courageous, and epitome of feminine prowess, Nairobi, starred by Alba Flores in the uber-popular Spanish drama ‘Money Heist,’ encourages everyone to adopt a plant-based diet.

In her debut PETA campaign, the ‘Money Heist’ star – who’s an anti-hero in the Spanish drama- shares her vegetarian journey as she urges the world to ditch animals off the plate and adopt a more life-friendly diet and lifestyle.

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Wearing a striking headdress made of beautiful vegetables, fruits, and flowers, the Spanish beauty stuns in the gorgeous PETA advertisement. She is a vegetarian, for the planet and for the animals. The image which can be confused as a magazine cover is a call to go veg, if not vegan. Image shot by celebrity photographer Nico Bustos.

For the animals. For the Planet

Billions of defenseless animals lose their lives at the cusp of our taste. Taste that just lasts a few inches on our tongue. But the pain the animal suffers, incomprehensible!

Cows are routinely raped, calves separated from mothers within a few days of birth, billions of pigs kept in cringe-worthy cages – there itself taking birth, some dying – chickens and other birds captured in mammoth egg-laying facilities with barely a few inches to move. The scenes of the meat and dairy industry could jolly-well become a scrip of a Hollywood horror movie.

By adopting a vegan lifestyle today, one can contribute to the cause for sparing some of them from the bane of blades slicing through their blood-and-bone bodies.


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Alba Flores joins a number of other influences figures who have ditched cruelty and life from their plates. ‘Joker’ star Joaquin Pheonix, James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ singer Billie Eilish, Alicia Silverstone, Will. I. Am, Russels Brand, Natalie Portman are among a group of compassionate celebrities who endorse the plant-based diet.

They’re suffering

“The entire animal agriculture industry poses a very serious problem for the planet,” she tells PETA, adding how after one of her family’s Christmas EVE celebration, Flores decided to stop eating meat.

Fell in love with criminals of Money Heist? It’s the power of storytelling to uphold resistance


“I started to think about where that food came from and how much food will be thrown away … and [wondered] how necessary the deaths of those animals really were,” she says.

Netflix series “La Casa De Papel,” which translates into Money Heist went on to become the world’s biggest success in Netflix outside the US. Reportedly 44 million households watched the series’ third season. Alba Flore’s role in the drama is of an anti-hero, who leads heists after heists in Spain.

She says now she feels so much better, eating grains, legumes, and vegetables.

The COVID-19 is believed to have been originated in Wuhan ‘wet market’ where different exotic species of animals like Pangolins, snakes, bats, and monkeys are freshly slaughtered and sold. A zoonotic disease, the novel coronavirus is one of the many other diseases like SARS, MERS, that originated in close contact-points of humans and wildlife.

(Cover image courtesy of PETA)


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