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How to lose weight with home remedies? Here are 11 ways


In the current time, gaining weight or obesity is continuing to be a matter of great concern. The complexities of life, food habits, and reduction in physical activity are the elements contributing towards this obesity epidemic, including childhood obesity. Children choosing a diet containing high levels of fat or sugar with few nutrients are prone to gaining weight faster.

The concern is that, first, there are causes or factors leading to such manifestation of weight gain. Second, there are consequential effects of the same leading to numerous diseases.

So is there any way I can lose weight while I am literally stranded at home? Here are eleven simple steps and measures for you to follow to see if they help you with weight loss at home.

But as you proceed reading, do realize, these remedies are designed to control the intake and certain habits that are traditionally related to weight gain or obesity. Take a look:

Eleven easy homemade remedies for weight loss in two weeks:

1. Sleep

With too much of livelihood pressure giving rise to one of the key factors for today’s obesity issue is stress. 

Stress has a direct effect on a person’s weight. It can cause both weight loss or weight gain depending on the person and the circumstances.

In some cases, when a person is under stress, he/she skips his meal and has a poor choice in the diet. But in most cases, to escape from any pressing issue, a person tends to overeat and the food is mainly unhealthy. The person often chooses to intake foods rich in fat and sugar, the consequence of which is known to all.

With the increased weight, the body experiences some uneasiness, which in turn greatly affects the sleeping habit of the person.

When you do not have a proper sleep, a series of illnesses crop up making life unmanageable. With a conscious effort, life can be brought to normal.

Hence it is wise to be thoughtful on the body so that we don’t lose on the future.

An extract from Osho’s writings that goes well with self-care:

“You cannot torture your body and raise your consciousness.

The body has to be loved, you have to be a great friend to it. It is your home. You have to clean it of all junk and you have to remember that it is in your service continuously, day in, day out: digesting, changing your food into blood, taking out the dead cells of the body, bringing new oxygen, fresh oxygen into the body – and you are fast asleep.”

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleeping less than seven hours per night shows an increased risk of:

Cardiac issues
Blood sugar imbalances
Malfunctioning of the renal system

There are certainly other factors causing such illness, but lack in sleep tends to aggravate the conditions.

It is advised to go to sleep at a fixed time every night, and also make a fixed time to get up in the morning. Late night or late rising should be minimized. The practice should be followed on weekends and holidays too.

Avoid afternoon naps, especially in the late afternoon. Lie and relax for half an hour. Try to stay away from caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine late in the day.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a common strategy for a weight loss program. It should become a must for every individual in today’s lifestyle. Any other method you choose to reduce weight, it should always be in combination with exercise. Regular exercise is a must, but not within 2-hours of pre and post meals. It gives you a boost and confidence to overcome many challenges in life.

How to lose weight with home remedies? Here are 11 ways (Image via Unsplash)

You can start by:

Walking – for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.  As gradually you get to enjoy, the duration can be increased.

Jogging – jogging can be done anywhere and easy to fit in your daily or weekly routine. You can start to jog for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Swimming – helps to reduce body fat and increases your flexibility.

Yoga – is a popular way to keep your health and relieve stress. However, yoga should be done under guided tutorials.

3. Stop consuming artificial sugar

There is no need to avoid sugar completely in our daily diet and also one should not do it either. What needs to be practiced is moderation.

It will not be too harmful if you take a moderate amount of sugar, but of course too much will definitely put you into the risk of gaining weight.

It will be prudent to keep an eye on added sugar like soft drinks, packaged food, and desserts. Also, too much potato chips, cheese, or too much brown rice is not recommended.

4. Oatmeal diet (Oat grains)

Oats have a lot of satiating fiber and loaded with nutrients. It is a popular breakfast all over the world. By providing the fiber to the body, it helps greatly in the digestion process. Furthermore, the fiber in the oats gets bind with fat in the intestine, helping to prevent the absorption of fats.

How to lose weight with home remedies? Here are 11 ways (Photo by Melissa Di Rocco on Unsplash)

They are easy to cook and can be taken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for those who opt for going into a weight loss plan. 

To follow a 2-week diet plan, you may start by having oatmeal for all three meals of the day for the first 7-days. Then in the following week take oatmeal for two meals of the day for 3=days, followed by one meal for the rest 4-days.

Taking oatmeal prevents you to snack in between the meals. However, taking only one type of food is though not advisable, in order to lose weight faster, this food is a better option.

To get positive results you need to have early breakfast, early lunch, and early dinner.

5. Dalia or bulgar (broken wheat)

Dalia is equally good as oatmeal. It is essentially an easy homemade remedy for weight loss. It is rich in proteins and vitamins and is loaded with fiber.

Dalia is an age-old cereal and is made from the kernels of whole wheat. To maintain a balanced weight, consuming dalia on a daily basis is a must diet.

To go for a weight loss plan, Dalia or bulgar can be taken in the same manner as the oatmeal plan. You can also alternate your meals with these two fiber-rich, low-calorie food. 

6. Natural whey protein

Whey is a very good source of protein and can be digested very easily. It has great health benefit for weight loss.

Bangalore-based clinical nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, says that if whey has to be taken to see the result on weight loss, it is a must to combine it with regular exercise. 

Some simple steps to make natural whey protein at home:

In an empty bowl place a sieve on top of it.
Cover the sieve with cheesecloth or muslin.
Take some yogurt and spread it on the cloth and cover it with a plastic wrap.
Keep the bowl for 8 hours in the fridge.
The yellowish liquid which is strained in the bowl is the whey and the hung curd remains in the cloth.

7. Methi or fenugreek

Digestion is one of the key factors to help lose weight and methi supports digestion and upset stomach very efficiently.  Galactomannan, a constituent found in methi aids to increase the metabolism in the body and also reduces the appetite by curbing the craving for food.  It is a key ingredient to reduce fat mass.

You can dry roast methi seeds and then crush and pestle to make a powder. Take a teaspoon of this powder with water empty stomach in the morning. Another way is to soak the methi seeds overnight and drink the water only empty stomach in the morning.

8. Dalchini (cinnamon)

It is one of the healthiest spices of all time and has a sweet flavor. It is effective in reducing stubborn belly fat. It helps lose visceral fat which in turn supports weight loss. Further, cinnamon aids metabolism, control blood sugar levels, improve insulin functions.

How to lose weight with home remedies? Here are 11 ways (Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash)

In your regular weight loss routine, you need:

Two cups of water (to make one cup of the tea)
One teaspoon honey
One cinnamon stick
One teaspoon lemon (optional)

Put the stick in the water and boil until the water comes down to half the quantity. Add lemon and honey, and your drink is ready.  It is effective if you have it empty stomach in the morning.

9. Kalonji (Nigella seeds)

Kalonji or black cumin seed is effective in controlling obesity due to its rich fiber source.  It has a popularity for its weight loss benefits. Nigellone which is in the oil of the Nigella seeds helps in controlling obesity. This spice can be added to your daily diet.

How to lose weight with home remedies? Here are 11 ways (Image courtesy of Joanna Dubaj  via Public Domain Pictures)

You can dry roast the kalonji and crush them to make it into powder form. You can mix this with black pepper powder and take half teaspoon of the mixture, add a little salt, and take it with rice (one mouthful).

Another way is to take half a teaspoon of kalonji seeds and swallow it with one glass of lukewarm water. Then take one teaspoon of honey.

10. Aloe vera juice

This plant enables to burn the stored fat in the body due to the presence of vitamin B, which converts the fat into energy. It helps in boosting metabolism, which in turn aids weight loss. Aloe vera gel is also very good for detoxifying the body.

To make the juice, take one glass of water in a pan and add some aloe vera gel to the water. Put the pan on the heat and constantly stir, till you get a smooth blend. You may add one teaspoon of lemon to it and drink the juice first thing in the morning. 

However, the consumption of aloe vera should be in small quantities to prevent side effects. If you have any complications, it is better to consult your doctor before consuming aloe vera juice.

11. Warm water

Drinking warm water often throughout the day will help you flush out fats from the vessels to enable you to shed the extra weight. Drink warm water before and after your regular meals, with a gap of at least 30 minutes.

Drinking water during the meals or immediately after the meal affects you adversely.  Practice for one month and certainly some difference you will notice.

Disclaimer: This is general information only. Please take the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner or a specialist before taking any of the ingredients, to know whether it would suit the condition of your body.


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