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Green wall – Why this typology is the future of sustainable interior design?


By: Jyothi Dhiman

Long gone are the days of shared community orchards, private gardens, or even roof plantations, which were enjoyed by the past generations of urban dwellers.

Nowadays, in the contemporary era of a rapidly growing population & depleting natural resources, an average urban citizen is more than happy to secure a compact apartment as his/her shelter.

A compact apartment is an apartment that comprises of a room, separate sanitation, and a kitchen. Such apartments though economical, come with a catch.

They’ve little room for air purification and are usually found to be humid due to lack of exposure to sun rays. These factors have given these apartments a notorious reputation.

Often the owner’s complaint of several health troubles-lung infections, lack of focus, and eyesight issues top the chart.

Urban Sustainability is taking off

However, it is really good to see that people are now valuing the importance of having more hygienic homes.

They are trying to solve the issue of congestion and suffocation in these tiny apartments without moving a brick. Here is where “urbane sustainability” comes in.

To combat such issues, green walls are catching-up on with the urban population for better, beautiful, and hygienic domestic environments.

Green walls can be considered as stepping stones of more eco-ethical, healthy, and in-sync-with-nature homes. They are not only healthier than regular walls but don’t even cost a bomb to the owners of the flats.

Thus it is not a wonder that the trend is becoming a rage with the urban builders and interior designers alike.

What is a “Green Wall”? 

Green Walls are walls or any vertical surface with natural and growing vegetation on them.

Their vegetation comprises of myriad types of plants which are chosen according to the demands of the clients, climate, duration of growth, and the maintenance required after the installation. 

Some builders are even opting for healthier plants which also have some medicinal benefits. These plants can have more benefits than mere air purification and ornamentation. 

Are Green Walls and a façade the same thing? 

Most buyers often confuse a façade with a green wall. Façade is not a recent trend but it has been always there. Facades are completely different, as the name suggests they are “artificial”.

They have a vegetation cover with the roots in the grounds but green walls have a genuine mini-forest growing on the walls themselves. Therefore, Green-walls are more hygienic, natural, and durable. 

How many types of Green walls are there? 

The green walls are broadly divided into two categories according to the usage- 

Outdoor walls

These walls have a showy and dense forest growing on them. They are manufactured to control the internal temperature and for external ornamentation.

The walls are manufactured to stand the heat, dust, and pollution of the outside environment. The walls usually have native vegetation growing on it. 

Indoor walls 

The indoor walls have a forest growing on it. But the indoor walls have some spatial limitations. They usually have tiny plants growing on them.

Indoor walls are manufactured with the main purpose of air purification. But some manufacturers are now also experimenting with ornamentation. 

Though there are a lot many variations are coming in the market every day, according to their structures basically the contemporary green walls are divided into three categories- 

Panel Walls

Here the wall is constructed like ordinary brick walls but they have panels embedded within them. These panels are used to grow tiny plants vertically, using hydroponics. Sometimes the plants can be free-standing or can be attached to the walls. 

Versa Walls

These walls use a tray system. Here the plants are grown in an artificial medium and then they are inserted into the walls. These types of walls have more versatility in their vegetation.

They are one of the most popular types of Green-walls. The wall is usually used as an indoor display to cover the entire surface. 

Freestanding Walls

Freestanding Green walls are easiest to transport, customize, and install. They blend easily with the interiors of the room and are used by most commercial users. 

Why do you need a Green Wall? 

Green walls are constructed with the sole aim of providing a mini garden right inside your apartment by utilizing a minimum of vertical space.

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Therefore, you can have naturally purified air without stepping out of your apartment. But green walls give you more than just that and here is what they bring with them:- 

• A green wall will give your living room a stunning and unmatched look which no paint or decoration can achieve for it. 

• A green wall with all the vegetation on it will definitely purify the air, releasing oxygen and making the apartment more “breathable”. 

• A green wall will not only purify the air but also soak up the humidity, hence, making the rest of your apartment walls last longer. 

• You can always relax by amusing yourself with this mini garden and tend to your hobby of gardening. Studies have found green walls to have a positive impact on the state of mind, reducing anger and anxiety.

• Try to unleash your creativity on the plantation and mesmerize your guests with your creative juices. 

• If you plant a forest with seasonal blooms then your wall will definitely change hues with seasons which won’t only relish your eyes but will also fill your room with soothing fragrance & making it more hygienic to stay. 

Green walls can give you more than just pure air and soothing fragrance so don’t forget to include a green wall in your cozy apartment and see the magic flow out of it.

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