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Get rid of these 15 things from your bathroom ASAP!


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No matter how difficult it is, once a while we must conduct a throwing-away spree in our bathrooms. Given the fact washrooms and bathrooms are imperative for our hygiene, it is essential to take a look at what might not be doing the cleanliness job properly.

Today supermarkets have a range of toiletries for the ease of consumers. There are thousands of varieties of toothpaste alone! (Excuse the exaggeration). More often than not we as consumers keep hoarding items in our bathroom closet thinking that we can take extra care of personal hygiene. Or in another way, they keep getting piled up with time.

Once a while we need to scour through the unused or overused products and get rid of them. Lest they might do more harm than good. So today we have compiled a list of the immediate things that we need to THROW AWAY from our bathrooms:

1. An old toothbrush

After a certain time, a toothbrush will be considered old because it will not do its job properly. There are two kinds of people in this world. One, whose toothbrush blossoms into a ‘brush flower’ and one whose toothbrush looks brand new even after years of regular brushing. Both are flawed in their own ways.

Get rid of these 15 things from your bathroom ASAP!

Furthermore, toothbrushes with worn-out bristles will do a poor job in removing plaque, and germs can build up in them which can potentially cause infections. But to make the long story short, the toothbrush must be replaced after every 12-16 weeks, say experts. You might want to roll your eyes but there is no denying the science behind.

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2. Toothbrush holder

Just like the toothbrush, enclosed toothbrush holders can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi although they may look clean. So it becomes imperative, by the same logic as above, to replace your brush cases as per the suggestion. While it is a good idea to clean and reuse, but the certain fungus can hide in the creaks of holders and can potentially harm. So better to change it from time to time. Opt for a sustainable option whenever available.

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3. Slurry soap bar

Bar soaps might prove to be confusing to deal with when it comes to hygiene, given the fact they are soap and they are born to deter infections away. So how can they get infected, right?

Get rid of these 15 things from your bathroom ASAP!

Bar soaps are quite handy but often they turn mushy if left at an unsuitable place. The best place to keep a used bar soap is an aerated soap dish that can get enough air to dry. Moist soaps can give birth to bacteria and germs. Dr. Zeichner is of the view that “Using it could cause irritations or infection, especially on open or raw skin.” 

A proper bar soap must be dry and intact, not runny, soft and slurry.

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4. Toothpaste

Since we have talked about tooth care, toothpaste had to make its way to the list. Although it is enough to abide by the expiry date, even if there is a slight change in the taste of the paste, immediately throw it away, according to experts.

There are various reactions to different substances during different seasons. If by any chance your toothpaste becomes affected by any kind of bacteria and fungi, there might be a color and smell change. Please heed the alarm and do the needful.

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5. Tampons and Sanitary pads

Women many a time buy a year-long supply of pads and tampons. This habit comes with its own risk. Doctors are of the view that sometimes packed tampons can grow molds and bacteria in certain weathers or conditions.

Therefore if you have pads or tampons that have been lying unused for many months it is probably best to throw them away. And storing them in places where it can contact moisture is an absolute no-no.

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6. Loofah

Loofahs or bath sponges are the most favorable breeding grounds of germs and fungus given how wet they remain. Many times we tend to wash the loofah only from the outer surface. Dead skin matters and soap create an unhealthy combination attracting unwanted bacteria and fungi.

Using such contaminated loofahs may lead to skin infections and other problems. If you see any outgrowth on your loofah, please chuck them out. The best ones are always the natural ones. Experts suggest changing them once a month as best practice.

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7. Medications

Many medicines can lie in your bathroom cupboard which you might like to toss away. Like the leftover antibiotics, expired ointments, and so on.

It is a good practice to routinely check expiry dates and get rid of the expired medication. Shilpi Agarwal, MD, family medicine physician and author of The 10-Day Total Body Transformation told “Condensation can affect potency and make medication go bad quickly.” 

8. Contact lens case

It is recommended to throw away the old contact lens case whenever you buy a new solution. Many manufacturers pack a free set of contact lens case with every purchase of band new solution. That is most probably to encourage us to use it. I’ve seen many people store the new lens case saying what is wrong with my old one?

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The issue is, cosmetic changes might not be an issue. With time, bacteria can build up in the cups where the lense is stored, even though the solution is a disinfectant. So as a thumb-rule, it is best to replace once the solution is over.

9. Samples and spare toiletries from hotels

Spare toiletries keep getting stored in bathrooms; be it a free sample or carried over complimentary samples you get from hotels. This is best to use them on time or distribute them to friends and family if they’re too much to be used up by your family, whatever is feasible. There may be no hygiene issue as such, unless the packages are puffing and leaking, it will help decluttering your bathroom for sure.

10. A toilet brush

This is the simplest step – just lift the toilet brush up from the container and judge it guiltlessly, no matter how many months of service it gave you. If it looks gross, (everyone know what a gross toilet brush could look like) give it a toss in the recycle bin.

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11. Toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls staying idle in bathrooms for so long must see your front door as soon as you find one. If your roll has been lying for months (years), soaking all your steam of your bathroom, can become mushy and unhygienic. Damp places are heaven for fungus and molds. Best if you can store them hygienically.

12. Razor blades

Immediately get rid of old and overused razor blades. More urgently toss them if you start to notice rust forming in them. A dull razor is of no use generically as well. You’re never going to get the smoothness and comfort of a new and fresh razor with months old, overused ones. Experts suggest changing razor blades after every three to five uses or every two weeks.

13. Floss

Floss threads seem to last an eternity and it is true, they don’t have an expiry date. In reality, they too come with a shelf-life. At least when it comes to hygiene. Throw away the roll of floss as soon as the floss start to lose flavor if it comes with added flavor. Another pointer you must take note to know which is the best time to discard the floss is when it starts to fray. If the thread gets frayed while using, it is high time you throw it.

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14. Expired products

Listen to the glaring expiry date printed in the body of your sunscreen, face wash, deodorant, shampoos, and so on. Any skin care product is best to not use once it crosses the expiry date. Sometimes products start to change color and consistency. These are good pointers that it requires to be replaced by a new one. Please go for it.

15. Sticky bottles of oil

Body and hair oils come in different packagings – tin, tinted glass, plastic, and so on. With continued usage, oil containers can start to become sticky from the outside and it requires cleaning. usually, such bottles can be cleaned with alcohol or other oil solvents like soda and warm water.

In some cases, if you are unable to get rid of the stickiness, it is best to throw them out. Please do not transfer the remaining oil in another container before throwing it. While we strongly encourage not wasting, it is best to do away with that oil, since it might have got contaminated from the oxidized residue on the outside. Some oils react to oxidation by discoloring, emitting smell, and reducing overall quality. You would certainly not like to apply that on your skin or hair.

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So now that you know what is non-essential items in your bathrooms, get rid of them already. It will help in decluttering as well.


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