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Facial fat bothering you? Here’s how to reduce it


Are you affected the moment you take a look at yourself in the mirror because of your facial fat?

You’re not alone. Millions face the same thing, despite the fact there is particularly nothing bad or wrong about the same.

A fuller and rounder cheek often emits a youthful glow and shows off fewer wrinkles and looks healthier compared to sagging and lean faces.

For children, chubby cheeks are a delight, but for adults, facial fat removal may be quite a source of concern.

Either way, if you want to reduce cheeks in 1 week, that could be impossible, unless you go under the knife.

But if you’re wondering how to remove facial fat, there’s a ton of non-harmful and simple methods you can try.

But before you delve into ways to reduce fat from the face, it is important to know is it truly removable?

Reducing just facial fat can be difficult

Facial fat is the fat that particularly accumulates on a person’s face and neck. It can make the cheeks fuller, and show a double chin.

A chubby face as it is called, is the opposite of a chiseled jawline look. Different cultures appropriate chubby cheeks differently.

Although under the influence of Western popular culture, jawline looks, a.k.a lean face is often the larger trend.

But in South Asian regions like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka a chubby face has been traditionally accepted as an epitome of beauty and good health.

Whatever your choice is about your face, it is important to have the right idea about facial fat before you embark on a facial fat removal journey.

As easy as it may sound, targetedly reducing the fat around the face may be difficult and an overall fat reduction that reflects on the face might be the viable solution.

To achieve those attractive, sharp facial features, one may need to undergo a thorough weight loss regimen or adopt a healthy lifestyle.

These are some of the widely accepted ways to reduce facial fat in a safe and healthy way:

1. Facial exerscise

As you might have already thought, are there any facial exercises to reduce face fat?

As a matter of fact, there are. But be informed, that there are rarely any scientific ways to do so with exercise.

If you go by the anecdotal evidence, including facial exercises in your routine might help tone facial muscles and make your face appear thinner.

One study found that doing facial muscle workouts twice a day for eight weeks improved muscle thickness and face regeneration.

Some of the most popular ones for facial fat removal are:

  • Puffing out your cheeks and pushing the air from side to side
  • Puckering your lips on alternate sides
  • Holding a smile while clenching your teeth for several seconds at a time

2. Commit to overall body fat reduction

This is perhaps the best way to get a leaner and chiseled face.

Do exercises to reduce the overall body fat content, that will eventually show up on your face.

Making efforts to lose entire body fat could show up on the face, giving it a lean appearance. Image via Unsplash

Walking, running, biking, and skipping are just a handful of the various exercises that might help you lose weight quickly.

3. Limit carbs like refined sugar

If you want facial fat removal, you have to reduce body fat as well. And if you want to reduce body fat, you’ve got to cut the carbs.

Avoid stuffing in too many chocolaty cookies, cakes, pastries, sweets, candies, and so on that can add to your weight.

These carbohydrates have been highly processed, removing all of their essential nutrients and fiber and leaving only sugar and calories behind.

assorted flavor donuts
Sugar and sugary foods like snacks and fast foods quickly give you calories making you susceptible to body fat. Try to avoid them while in your facial fat-reducing journey. Unsplash.

These refined carbs are fast to digest and hence stick to your body more easily.

Research on 277 women found that eating more refined carbohydrates was linked to a higher risk of obesity and more abdominal fat.

4. Cut the alcohol to get rid of facial fat

Alcohol is high in calories but low in nutrients, and it may raise your risk of gaining weight.

While one glass of wine with dinner is OK, excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of facial fat formation and bloating.

The best strategy to avoid alcohol-induced bloating and weight gain is to limit your alcohol use.

Moderate drinking is defined as up to two drinks per day for males and up to one drink per day for women, according to the current US Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

5. Try facial yoga

Like whole-body exercise, facial yoga to reduce chubby cheeks has got a lot of positive anecdotal evidence backing it.

Some researchers have also found yoga for the face can actually help maintain a lean look.

The ancient Indian practice of maintaining a healthy body has been time and again proven to be a wonderful practice that has gotten a global fan-following.

Face yoga is said to aid facial fat removal, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore the inner glow, and prevent a double-chin.

Now you might be wondering which type of yoga should you perform to reduce facial fats?

Image courtesy of Daily Mail.

“Forward folds bring fresh blood and oxygen to the skin, which promotes a healthy glow. Backbending poses to tone and firm the front neck muscles, while twists firm the side of the face and release neck tension,” says Danielle Collins, the founder of Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga.

“It’s important to sleep well, reduce stress, and eat healthily. Holistic health and self-care are key to radiant skin since taking care of yourself inside will be reflected in your outer shine,” she says.

Some of the facial yogas you can try are:

  • Puff your cheeks, hold for five-ten seconds, and release. You can do this quite often for a few times. Just don’t overdo the same.
  • Suck your cheeks into the hollow of your face and replicate a fish-like look. Hold on for a few seconds and release. Repeat.
  • Stick your tongue out as much as you can and hold for a few seconds. Repeat. You’d like to do that in seclusion.
  • Lift your face and look into the ceeling and attempt to kiss it. The posture your face makes targets strenthening the muscles and reduced fats.
  • Open your eyes as wide as possible and retain the same for a few minutes. Repeat.

6. Check your sodium intake

Health experts call sodium the hallmark of bloating. Sodium is known for its water or fluid retention capacity.

Sodium’s bloating effect can show up on your face.

Cut off foods rich in salts like savory snacks and processed meat and some seafood. The idea is to trim Sodium’s fluid-retention capacity.

7. Have lots of sleep

Having enough sleep is paramount for a healthy glow on your face.

Sleep deprivation is a crucial part of any weight-loss regimen. It may also aid in the reduction of face fat.

Cortisol, a stress hormone with a lengthy list of potential adverse effects, including weight gain, might rise as a result of sleep loss.

Sleep deprivation is a crucial part of any weight-loss regimen. It may also aid in the reduction of face fat.

One study found, better sleep was associated with overall weight loss maintenance.

To help with weight loss and facial fat loss, strive for at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

8. Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water is good for your overall health, but it’s especially necessary if you want to shed facial fat, top health blogs often suggest.

Water has been shown in studies to keep you feeling full and help you lose weight.

In fact, one tiny study discovered that drinking water before a meal reduced the number of calories ingested during the meal substantially.

9. Eat more fibers

Fiber is a soluble compound found in plant-based foods that pass slowly through your digestive tract, making you feel fuller for longer, reducing hunger, and curbing cravings.

Most of these guidelines are designed to aid you in overall weight loss than just targetedly losing facial fat, which could yield better results.

Aim to consume at least 25-30 grams of fibers per day. Fiber is available in most unrefined plant-based whole foods like nuts, legumes, seeds, fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

A study linked higher fiber consumption to enhanced weight loss and improved adherence to a low-calorie diet in one trial of 345 overweight and obese persons.


For the ones who’re trying to get rid of the extra pounds off their cheeks, there are actually several ways to try.

Have you heard of these before? Did you try any of these? Did you see any results? Share your thoughts on the comments below with your fellow readers.

Don’t forget to drop your own tested method to reduce facial fat that you found successful.

Debayan Paul
Debayan is a freelance digital reporter and Editor-in-chief of We The World Magazine. Contact:


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