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Where to watch ‘Cinderella (2021)’ starring Camilla Cabello?


Kolkata, India: Cindrella in the 2021 remake isn’t your shy girl, a victim of patriarchy and the whims of traditionalism. Instead, Camila Cabello, oops, Cindrella is an aspiring entrepreneur, trying to break through the shackles of her wicked step mum.

Another fairy tale remake that has been making quite some buzz on the media is now in, with some impressive cast to vouch for. But is it really worth it?

Take, for instance, the outlandish Billy Porter is Cindrella’s Fabulous Godmother in the 2021 remake. Not to forget Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert, Idina Menzel as Vivian (evil step mum), Charlotte Spencer as Narissa, Pierce Brosman as King Rowan.

Apart from a star-studded cast, the Kay Cannon-made Cindrella 2021 will also feature some original, brand-new songs like Million to One, as well as popular tunes like Somebody to Love (which, ironically, was the center of one excellent scene in 2004’s Ella Enchanted) and Seven Nation Army.

Now that you know that 2021 Cindrella is here, the question is:

Where can I Stream Cindrella (2021)?

Cinderella 2021 was scheduled for release on 3rd September 2021, which was on Friday.

Cinderella is available as part of your Amazon Prime Video subscription. And just so you know, Amazon Prime Video is available as a bonus with a basic Amazon Prime subscription or as a stand-alone streaming subscription.

You can stream Amazon Prime Video from over 200 countries and territories as Prime members and maybe streamed using any web browser with an Internet connection.

Many platforms, including iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku devices, Xbox, PlayStation, select smart TVs, and more, have Prime Video as a streaming app.

With your Prime Video subscription, you can not only view the new Cinderella film, as well as other Amazon Originals, popular films and shows, and over 100 extra channels including Starz, HBO Max, Shudder, and more.

Cinderella 2021 Reviews so-far

Cinderella starring the former Fifth Harmony Singer Camila Cabello has fueled quite some expectations but not really without disappointing some.

For instance, IMDB rating so far shows a disappointing 4.1/10 stars. On Amazon Prime streaming itself, the movie has garnered 3 stars.

This time, the movie is a fast-paced version in live-action, and “rarely are there more than two seconds between bits of dialogue, to the point one might worry about the performer’s oxygen levels,” the SF Reporter reviewed.

The remake essentially retells the age-old tale, with a GenZ twist, where Cindrella has made up her mind not to let the traditionalist Kingdom step on her freeish spirits.

One particularly outspoken Indian media outlet reviewed the movie saying: “Camila Cabello’s  Cinderella is banana-ooh-na-nas.”

Have you watched Cinderella (2021) yet? If yes, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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