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15 easy & essential lifestyle changes to boost immune system


“Consciously or unconsciously, health can be transmitted. A very strong man, living with a weak man, will make him a little stronger, whether he knows it or not.”

– Swami Vivekananda

Immunity is the body’s ability to veer off pathogens that can make us sick. The body is a collection of systems, and there’s no one aspect you can work upon and improve and expect overall health. Boosting immunity has to be overall nourishment, hence you need lifestyle changes to boost immune system.

If the body has a strong defence system (which it naturally has but is impacted by many factors) then it can combat any pathogens invading the body. To keep this defence mechanism proactive, there is an immense need to boost the immunity system.

With so much of contagious diseases ruling all over the world right now, the wisest step which we can take is to become smart enough to modify our lifestyle so that it can overpower the widespread demonic viruses. There are numerous helpful tips that you can adapt according to your environment and convenience.

15 easy & essential lifestyle changes to boost immune system

We’ve compiled a collection of 15 lifestyle changes to boost immunity. Changes mentioned here includes expertly suggested, scientifically-backed tips with some food for your soul as well. Let us not forget we are both our mind, body and soul.

Embrace the lifestyle modifications to get a feeling to say ‘I love my body’:

1. ‘Leave your worries to God and go to sleep’

Make sure you have adequate sleep for 7-9 hours, particularly at night. Not having enough sleep has a radical effect of weakening the immune system. Studies have found sleep and immunity is related. Not having enough sleep has been linked to more susceptibility to illness.

Moreover, it has been found getting enough rest boosts your body’s natural immunity. If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, cut on the screen time and try to achieve a scientifically favourable sleeping environment like dropping the room temperature, drawing the curtains.

2. ‘Exercise not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, attitude, and your mood’

Go for moderate or freehand exercise. It does not have to be something hardcore. Simple yoga is a good option, but for the complex ones, you need to be under a trainer. To keep yourself maintained daily, light exercise is good enough, like a brisk walk, a jog in the backyard or park, some skipping and so on. In this way, you’ll release stressed energies. In short, move.

3. “Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about themselves, and small people talk about others”

Talk less. Emphasize listening rather than saying. Avoid the words which are not kind, beneficial, or pleasant to others. Practice choosing words that sound to be humble and encouraging to others. Talk more about life. This accelerates the power of the immune system because it empowers the soul.

In this time and space when we’re amid a historic crisis, we’ve got to ramp our connections with our true selves. Let us take the global lockdown as a pointer and symbol of our ever-wandering mind taking a breather.

4. Have these spices 

Few herbs and spices support the immune system if taken regularly. Like the ones that are mentioned below, these herbs have essential elements like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties all of which aid the immune system.

Also, it must be noted that the immune system is not one singular system but a collaboration of many complexities of the body. Hence, by supporting the other you essentially contribute to the body’s defence mechanism. These spices are known for their health benefits and will definitely support your body.

15 easy & essential lifestyle changes to boost immune system (Photo by 
Shantanu Pal from 

a) Black pepper 

Black pepper has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties. It can be used in crushed or powdered forms in a variety of dishes. Free radicals are unwanted molecules that are generated in the body naturally as well as via man-made effects of pollution and so on. These free-radicals in excessive amounts cause major health concerns and studies have found anti-oxidants can reduce the impact of free-radicals.

Try a drink – add half teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and little ginger in a glass of hot water, after 3-4 minutes strain and have the water.

b) Cinnamon 

This aromatic spice is a little magic. Cinnamon helps defend the body against infections, inflammation, digestive disorders, promote weight loss and can also heal damaged tissues. It also has effects on diabetes and heart diseases. The spice can be added to dishes as well as can also make a tea.

Cut the cinnamon in small pieces and boil in one glass of water. Cover and keep it for five minutes and then strain and have the tea. You can add honey (maple syrup for vegans) also for a delicious aromatic cup of wellness.

c) Tulsi / Holy basil 

Need we get started on this Ancient herb? Literally the god of herbs in India, Tulsi has health-supportive properties not only to heal the body but also the mind. Its immense contribution to get relief from respiratory issues, cold and cough, asthma, and lung disorders has made it to be termed as ‘queen of the herbs’. A daily drink can be very effective for building up our immunity.

d) Turmeric 

Te yellow root-spice has anti-microbial property, which helps to fight against bacterial and viral infections. Turmeric heals inflammation and is effective for stomach disorders. it is known to dramatically increase the body’s antioxidant capacity. However, turmeric water drink should be taken in combination with either honey or pepper, or can be added to milk.  

5. Fortify your body with Vitamins and Minerals:

The idea is basically same, all you’re doing to is support your body to do its work. And apparently, that’s the most you can do. Eating mindfully, including the diverse array of vitamins and minerals is very essential to support your body’s defence system. And foods that include a lot of greens, other coloured veggies, nuts, legumes, seeds and grains have drastic effect on your health. You’ve got to ensure you’re getting Zinc, Vitamin D, D12, Calcium among others.

Eating healthy has a direct impact on immune system. This is one of the most important lifestyle changes to boost immune system (Photo by Trang Doan from 

Here, read about the immunity boosting foods you can have to aid your body battle the pathogens.

6. Put a toll on alcohol consumption

Lockdown all over the world has seen alcohol fly off the shelves. It means people have been boozing more. But what if we tell it is not for the best? The World Health Organization clearly states to refrain from alcohol since it can cause an array of communicable and non-communicable ailments. Don’t believe? Here’s quoting them:

“Alcohol consumption is associated with a range of communicable and noncommunicable diseases and mental health disorders, which can make a person more vulnerable to COVID-19. In particular, alcohol compromises the body’s immune system and increases the risk of adverse health outcomes,” WHO states.

So, better off early, cut back the booze.

8. But drink a lot of water

Hydration is key to a healthy body. After all, it is the major element you’re made of. Sure, water will not necessarily boost your immunity, but it will ensure systems that do boost immunity does not fall short. In simpler terms, hydration prevents the body from dehydration, which ensures you’re less susceptible to illness.

9. Cut the sugar

Cutting sugar, or at least limiting it is one of the crucial lifestyle changes to boost immune system

They call it white poison, the refined white sugar. The more you cut it, the better. There’s so much you’ll achieve by curbing it than by continuing. Imbalance in sugar intake (which has become quite natural) leads to obesity- the mother of illness. Moreover, sugar aids in inflammation, susceptibility to type 2 diabetes- a relative of illness, chances of cardiovascular diseases. Too much bitterness for some sweetness. All these unhealthy factors invite doom for immunity.

10. Do not Smoke

Smoking adversely affects the immune system. Tobacco smoking exposes the body to infections leading to severe and long-lasting illnesses. It is a big NO-NO. Furthermore, the World Health Organization highly advises skipping, at least limit smoking, particularly in these trying times. For the greater best, abolish it at all.

11. Manage to De-Stress:

De-stressing activities, that can be whatever is a great way to boost your immune system. Having a healthy state of mind, without negative thoughts, worries, stress and so on is efficacious for disease-fighting. Engage with your friends, cuddle your meow or pooch, mingle with your besties (of course following social distancing), listen to music, read favourite literature, engage in pillow talks and most importantly you can try reading holy scriptures accessible to you. Matters of the spirit and heart has never put let someone down.

12. Wash your hands

WHO, CDC and every major public health outlets aggressively propagate washing hands to fight pathogens. In times like this, goes without saying it is highly essential. Use good quality soap to wash your hands. Rub for at least 20 seconds making sure to clean between the fingers, back of the palm, inside the mails and finally wash off thoroughly.

13. Wear a face mask in public

The novel coronavirus is a highly contagious pathogen and it spreads from one person to another through physical contact of accidental contact with infected objects. For instance, when an already-infected person (whom you may not identify because some people are asymptomatic) coughs or sneezes, the respiratory droplets infected with the virus when enters your system through eyes, nose and mouth, infects you.

This is how it spreads. A face mask (like this) can greatly protect you from these viruses when worn with other social distancing measures. Call it an unfortunate by-product of a pandemic, but adopting a face mask is one of the wisest lifestyle changes to boost immune system.

14. Practice social distancing

Like washing hands, this is another mantra you’ve got to adopt. Basically, here you’re not boosting your immune system, you’re not testing it (lol). Stay away from people by the latest 6-feets when in public. Sure, it may not be always possible, but try your best. Do not stay amid the crowd for a long time, at any cost.

15. Practise forgiveness, thankfulness and all that makes your life worth living

Photo by 
Anna Shvets from 

Life is so much worth living then some reasons make it seem otherwise. Have a hearty laugh, pillow-fight, cook delicious plant-based meals, engage in healthy conversations. Make time to reflect, repent, and forgive, as you ask forgiveness from the Supreme.

Again, matters of the heart and soul have never let anyone down. It won’t ever. As you try to sleep adequately, reflect the day. Don’t let any grudge stain the temple of your soul, your pure heart. Practise gratitude for your existence. Life is already a miracle. You’re a miracle (“the universe in ecstatic motion”), everyone around you – good or bad – is a miracle! Be thankful for all. You’ll see your soul is resistant. You never know how it will aid your immunity.

Did we miss something out? Help us rectify. Comment your input below. Also, let us know what do you feel? And don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family.


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