Bars in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, found with partiers flouting social distancing norms

Bars In Lake Of The Ozarks Missouri Found With Partiers Flouting Social Distancing Norms - We The World Magazine
Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

Social distancing norms went to take a toss as a pool in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri was found overflowing with party-goers in the Memorial Day weekend.

Across the world, strict social distancing norms have been enacted ever since the novel coronavirus was announced a Pandemic. It is known, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus is maintaining distance from one another and avoiding long-term gathering at all costs.

A video taken by CNN shows people frolicking and basking in the pool in Backwater Jacks Bar & Grill in Osage Beach. America is about to touch a heartbreaking milestone of 100,000 coronavirus death victims.

However, the country is repeatedly betting on relaxing lockdown measures, under the thrust of Trump, who has time and again given some desperate responses in handling the Pandemic. Amid all this, cases are still spiking.

The tweet from the Lake of the Ozarks has so far been viewed 14.9 million times. By the looks of it, not for a moment, it would seem the world is amid such a historic crisis.

The state of Missouri has so far recorded at least 11,752 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 676 deaths.

Missouri, among other states in the unannounced its recovery plan. However, it very clearly states at least six feet of social distancing in most cases.


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The directive clearly states that even though restaurants can offer dine-in, but withstanding strict social distancing measure meant for public health.

Another video from the same Ozarks lake area shows a similar setting in other bars, as people flout social distancing norms, and mingle without masks.

It must be noted that coronavirus is unlikely to spread through water, according to the CDC. However, the virus is contagious in close proximity, and a mask is impractical in the water, as CNN notes.

The above footage shows a very similar scene, like the other one- social distancing at bay.

Mayor of St. Louis – a city in Missouri, Lyda Krewson responded to the crowds in the Lake of the Ozarks, calling it “Deeply disturbing.”

“It’s irresponsible and dangerous to engage in such high-risk behaviour just to have some fun over the extended holiday weekend,” she told CBS Missouri affiliate KMOV-TV.

“Now, these folks will be going home to St. Louis and counties across Missouri and the Midwest, raising concerns about the potential of more positive cases, hospitalizations, and tragically, deaths.”