Twilight Saga actor Kristen Stewart to play Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’

Twilight Saga actor Kristen Stewart to play Princess Diana in 'Spencer'

Twilight actor Kristen Stewart will be reportedly seen in the character of Princess Diana in the forthcoming film ‘Spencer’ that will outline the imposing journey of the former British princess’ depart from Prince Charle’s life and becoming a Queen.

According to Deadline, the production will be started sometimes in early 2021, and the much-awaited film will be directed by the ‘Neruda’ director Pablo Larraín and scripted by the ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ screenwriter Steven Knight.

‘Spencer’ will replay that critical weekend when Prince Harry’s mother decided to change her path from Prince Charles on the ground their marriage was not working, and she needed to ditch the way that could lead her to become the Queen, Deadline reports.

Kristen Stewart to play Princess Diana in the upcoming film ‘Spencer’ (Image courtesy of kristenstewartx via Instagram)

As per what the director told the media outlet, the film will explore the inner dynamics in Princess Diana’s drastic decision to step back as a Royal or becoming the Queen.

“How and why do you decide to do that? It’s a great universal story that can reach millions and millions of people, and that’s what we want to do,” he shared about the upcoming project.

Not a fairy tale

Speaking to Deadline, Larraín, who grew up in Chile told that he did not read much about Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s fairytale wedding. But he did grow up reading fairy tale literature and saw Princess Diana’s life as an antithesis to a fairytale. Hinting as to what prompted him to take up the project centering, perhaps, one of the most well-known figures in history, he said:

“We all grew up, at least I did in my generation, reading and understanding what a fairy tale is. Usually, the prince comes and finds the princess, invites her to become his wife and eventually she becomes queen. That is the fairy tale,” he told Deadline.

“When someone decides not to be the queen, and says, I’d rather go and be myself, it’s a big decision, a fairy tale upside down. I’ve always been very surprised by that and thought it must have been very hard to do. That is the heart of the movie.”

According to the report, ‘Spencer’ will revolve around Princess Diana’s frayed relationship with Prince Charles, her ferocious love for Prince Harry and Prince William. The film will not delve into the final tragedy of her life that is her car crash. “This is the story of a woman who understands the most important thing for a woman in her life is her own children.”

Why Kristen?

Speaking about the choice to cast Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, the films’ production is backing on factors that shaped Stewart as an actor, including her early exposure to public eye and media. ‘Spencer’ cast is vouching on the Bella-starrer to bring Diana’s character to life.

For the uninitiated, Kristen Stewart was in the lead role as Bella, with Robert Pattinson as Edward, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob- the vampire trio centering whom the Twilight trilogy revolves. The franchise’s second installment, New Moon went on to break records for the highest-grossing film in the opening day and midnight screening, garnering an estimated $72.7 million in 2009.

Stewart played Bella with Pattinson and Lautner in the Twilight Saga (Image courtesy of kristenstewartx via Instagram)

As Pablo Larraín puts it, Kristen Stewart is one of the best actors around in Hollywood, and her unpredictable stance is what will invoke life in Diana’s character. “Kristen can be many things,” Larraín says, “and she can be very mysterious and very fragile an ultimately very strong.” The combination of these elements, according to him, made her approach for starring Diana.

“The way she responded to the script and how she is approaching the character, it’s very beautiful to see. I think she’s going to do something stunning and intriguing at the same time. She is this force of nature,” Larraín told in an interview with Deadline.

We’re so much excited about a film revolving Diana’s life and played by Stewart. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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