Kolkata is India’s safest city for women, 0 cases of sexual assault, federal criminal record data shows

Kolkata is India's safest city for women, 0 cases of sexual assault, federal criminal record data shows - We The World
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The City of Joy is the safest city in India to be a woman, with zero cases of sexual harassment against women recorded this year in Kolkata, as per federal criminal watchdog data.

What is more comforting at the same time worrying is the fact, the margin with other Indian cities in the record are a sharp contrast when it comes to the reported number of cases.

The NCRB or the National Crime Record Bureau data probed into the criminal records of the 19 Indian metropolitans and found Kolkata recording the least number of gender-based criminal offenses, PTI news agency reported.

In sharp contrast, New Delhi, the Indian national capital recorded far more cases of crime against women than Kolkata, at 12,902 cases in 2019, while only 14 cases were registered in the West Bengal capital in the same year.

The NCRB data also reveals all the fourteen Kolkata victims who reported crime against them were aged above 18 and there were no other attempt to rape or other sexual harassments recorded in the metropolis as well.

But the numbers of cities like Mumbai are not anywhere close to the City of Joy — 6,519 cases were registered by Mumbai Police last year.

Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore has also not recorded a single case of a sexual crime against women, the report confirms. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh, where two rape deaths took place back-to-back recorded the highest number of crimes against women.

The NCRB data comes at a time when the country is shocked by a brutal murder of a 20-years-old Dalit woman in UP by upper caste men.

In UP, last year, a shocking 59,853 cases of crime against women were recorded, making it by far the worst place in India for women. Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai recorded 37,144 cases and Rajasthan recorded 41,550.

Among the crime that battered these 19 metropolitans, Delhi had registered the most number of rapes (1231) unfortunately reaffirming the nickname ‘rape capital’ followed by Uttar Pradesh at 59 reported rapes.

“Majority of these cases under the Indian Penal Code were registered under ‘cruelty by husband or his relatives’ (30.9%) followed by ‘Assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty’ (21.8%), ‘kidnapping and abduction of women’ (17.9%),” the NCRB data for last year shows.

The data shows Rajasthan emerging as a notorious place for women with the most number of domestic violence against women coming from the Western Indian state, apart from rapes and other sexual assaults.

As per police, Kolkata’s efficient policing is one of the reasons for the safety of women in the metropolitan. Kolkatans and the administration is also aware of such cases, making it cautious.

But when seen in the light of a nation as a whole, India does not fare well in the crucial test for being a safe home to women. The latest data from the NCRB shows a 7% rise in the number of crime against women reported in the nation in 2019 from 2018.

On an average, 87 rapes are recorded across the country regularly, ultimately registering a staggering total of 4,05,861 cases of crime against women during 2019, India Times reported.

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