Kolkata sweet-maker creates Immunity Sandesh with 15 herbs

Kolkata Sweet-maker Creates Immunity Sandesh With 15 Herbs - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Anirban Bhattacharya via Facebook

A sought-after sweet shop in Kolkata has come up with what they’re calling an Immunity Sandesh (immunity sweet). The makers are claiming that the sweet will boost one’s immunity and help fight the coronavirus.

Sweetshop Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick claims their one-of-a-kind offering priced at only Rs. 25/ piece will help people of West Bengal fight the novel coronavirus. According to reports, the sweet shop told that they did not use sugar or jaggery to sweeten the dish, instead opted for Himalayan honey to retain the nutrients of the fifteen herbs used.

As of herbs, the sweet shop told local media that there are 11 herbs used that are said to boost immunity. The sweet is made of Tulsi, Choti Elaichi (cardamom), Haldi (turmeric), ginger, jayfal (nutmeg), Josti madhu (licorice), kali mirch (black pepper), kala jeera (nigella seeds), tej patta (bay leaf) and peepul. All these herbs will be mixed with chenna (cottage cheese) to make the eponymous Sandesh.

Speaking to local newspaper Sangbad Protidin, Sudip Mallick, the head of the company told: “All these spices act as a guard against some disease or the other. We all use it for cooking and I think these herbs might help Bengal to help fight novel coronavirus. (sic).”

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Mallik also said he consulted with ayurvedic experts after the idea of marrying the common immunity-boosting herbs in a sweet-dish, came to his mind. Ayurvedic experts have lauded the sweet shop’s trial, saying if the sweet really is effective, it might help Bengal fight the virus.

West Bengal has so far documented more than 7k coronavirus cases and 366 deaths with the Behala region seeing a surge.

(Cover image courtesy of Anirban Bhattacharya via Facebook)