Killer of Notre-Dame basilica arrived in Europe days before attack

Killer of Notre-Dame basilica arrived in Europe days before attack - We The World
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The person who lodged the deadly attack in Notre-Dame basilica arrived only days ago in Europe, media reports confirm. His knife rampage slew three people, including ‘virtually beheading’ one.

The Jihadist, 21, was captured by the police shortly after the attack, after a brief gunfight and was wounded during the spat. He was rushed to a hospital and is now in critical condition.

Turned out, the suspect, named Brahim Aouissaoui is a Tunisian man, arrived on an Italian island on a refugee boat last month, the BBC reported.

Police found the man was carrying a copy of a document issued by the Italian Red Cross, a Koran, a knife, apart from the blade he used to slay the people in the church.

According to local reports, the man was repeatedly shouting Allahu Akbar before being shot by the police.

The man entered the Notre-Dame basilica on Thursday, at around 9 AM, and lodged fatal attacks on three people, including the Church sexton.

Among the killed was a 70 plus-year-old woman, who was virtually beheaded, and the sexton himself, who was also succumbed to fatal wounds on his throat.

The other woman who was wounded somehow managed to escape the basilica and later died in a nearby cafe where she fled from the attacker.

“Tell my children I love them,” she managed to say before her death, according to French cable channel BFM TV.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the incident was an ‘Islamic terror attack.’

“If we are attacked once again it is for the values which are ours: freedom, for the possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any spirit of terror,” Macron said on his visit to Nice after the attack.

“I say it with great clarity once again today: we won’t surrender anything.”

The attack came for the second time in less than a fortnight after Samuel Paty, a history teacher — was beheaded outside a school in Paris for showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in school to explain freedom of expression.

Similar to this attack, the man who beheaded Samuel Paty also shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ which means ‘God is Greatest’ — an Islamic call, but unfortunately often used during Jihadist attacks as well.

France has raised its public alert system to the max following the two attacks which came at a time when Macron was already propagating his ideas to crack down on radical Islam. He said Islam is a religion ‘in crisis ‘ before the Paris attack, which irked the Islam community.

Macron confirmed 7ooo troops would be deployed across the nation to guard vulnerable sites like schools and religious places.

Then followed by the Jihadist attack in Paris, France is now amid a miff with Turkey and the Muslim world for vowing to protect its secularism, including retaining its privilege to make cartoons.

The BBC noted the level of a security alert in France is like that of the horrible days of 2015-16 when one-after-the-other terror attacks battered the nation.

That a person can be selectively chosen for murder — a history teacher in this case — has invoked fear among the French citizens. A number of demonstrations against Islamic extremism happened across France.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands across Bangladesh, Iraq, and other Muslim-majority countries have already protested against France, calling to boycott France’s goods. Saudi Arabia and UAE have not sided with its citizens demanding French boycott.

The EU has criticized the spat between France and the Muslim nations. Turkey, which has been critical to France’s resolve for making cartoons said it condemns the killing ‘unconditionally.’

In a series of tweets, Turkey’s director of communications, Fahrettin Altun said Turkey will continue to ‘confront any politician who insults our religion and values.’

“We feel we owe no apology to anyone for expressing our strong opposition to racism and xenophobia. We categorically deny any effort to associate us with any kind of violence,” Altun said after the Nice attack.

Thursday, Malaysia’s ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad in a series of tweets said Muslims have the right to kill French, given the French history of killing people, including Muslims. The tweet has now been taken down by Twitter.

Thursday also saw an attack on a guard by a Saudi citizen in the Saudi city of Jeddah and another Afghan man was arrested in the city of Lyon carrying a knife in a tram, local media reports confirm.

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