Kashmiri goats in Wales hilariously line up in front of hairdresser, apparently in need of a haircut


Men, and people who prefer short hair, of all others, have certainly seen the downside of the pandemic among other effects. Hairdressers are largely closed across the world. Ever since the pandemic broke out, places of high-contact like hairdressers and salons were shut to check the spread of corvid-19.

It has been only a few weeks, the world has started to re-open, although the pandemic is far from over. But life has to go on, and with strict social distancing protocols in place, different businesses in different parts of the world are gradually opening.

Speaking about haircuts, apparently, beings other than humans are also getting impatient with fleecy long hairs dangling from here and there, probably unruly, like a gang of Kashmiri goats in this case.

A photographer from Wales, England, has captured a hilarious picture showing four furry goats lined up in front of a closed hairdresser, appearing to wait for their turn of haircut, British news agency SWNS reports. And mind you, the goats are furry, making them look more appropriate for a need of shearing.

Kashmiri goats in Wales hilariously line up in front of hairdresser, apparently in need of a haircut (Image courtesy of SWNS via Fox News)

On Tuesday night, Brian Lane took the pictures of the goats queued in front of Just Jents in Llandudno, Wales, during an evening walk. Since them, the picture as been covered by a number of media outlets across the world.

“I had parked up to go for a little walk. It was tipping down the rain when I saw these goats under the shelter by the hairdressers,” lane, Lane, 58, told SWNS.

“The one sitting in the front waiting to go in and the other three spaced out behind,” Lane said, adding: “I take lots of pictures, to be honest, but this just seemed like a really fitting moment.”

The goats, identified to be of Kashmiri species, reportedly have to wait until July 13 to get a haircut, if at all they’re patient enough, as hairdressers, beauty salons and nail bars are set to open in the UK from July 13th. The goats must also take note, no treatment on the face will be given after the reopening, as a preventive move to check the spread of COVID-19, according to Telegraph, UK.

Mr. Lane who took the photograph also noted how his towns, which typically are tourist-dependant for the economy are battling the lockdown. “Businesses have not been able to open and the frustration of that and it just seemed to fit that moment,” he told SWNS.

Kashmiri goats, native to the Himalayan high-altitude regions of Kashmir, are identified from their multiple layers of fur they have evolved to grow, given the sub-zero temperatures they usually thrive in. These goats were first bought to England by Queen Victoria as a gift to the country.

Till then, we wish the goats aspiring stylish haircut patience. What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.