Kanpur Police ‘arrests’ goat for not wearing a mask & violating lockdown

Kanpur Police 'arrests' goat for not wearing a mask & violating lockdown - We The World Magazine

In a mind-boggling incident taking place at UP’s Beconganj area, Kanpur police has reportedly ‘arrested’ a goat for not wearing a face mask and roaming freely in the city, CNN News 18 reports.

According to the report, the goat was lifted from the Beconganj area and taken to the police station after the Bovidae was found roaming around freely without a face mask.

When the owner of the goat came to know about the ‘arrest’ of his possession, he rushed to the police station and pleaded to release the goat.

Finally, the animal was let to go, with a warning to never let it roam freely. One policeman who took the goat even admitted that they found the animal violating lockdown restrictions and was moving freely without a face mask.

“People are now making their dogs wear a mask so why not a goat?” he even asked, CNN News 18 reports.

However, officer Saifuddin Beg of Anwarganj police station apparently changed the tale after the incident became a butt of joke on social media.

He said the goat was found being nudged by a youth who was not wearing a mask and when the police approached, the boy ran off, leaving behind the goat. Hence they bought the animal to police station.

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