COVID-19 vaccines: Johnson & Johnson prepones human trails to July

Johnson And Johnson Prepones Human Trails To July - We The World Magazine
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With the number of COVID-19 infected people skyrocketing in the world, tight necked competition among vaccine makers is also on the rise. Johnson & Johnson, recently confirmed that it will shift forward its human trial for the COVID-19 vaccine by two months, which is the second half of July, Reuters reports.

The vaccine is due to be implemented in 1045 humans within the age limit of 18-55 years, according to reports. People with an age of above 65 years will also be tested with the vaccine. The trial tests will be conducted in a way that rules out the placebo effect as well as safely assesses the immune response of the tested people.

It has been months when Johnson & Johnson had already sealed a deal with the U.S. regarding the manufacturing of more than a billion vaccines even though no vaccine has yet been proved effective against COVID 19. The signing of the treaty was a very anticipatory move on the part of the company. The US drug-maker is one of the nation’s promising candidates in the vaccine race.

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“Based on the strength of the preclinical data we have seen so far and interactions with the regulatory authorities, we have been able to further accelerate the clinical development,” J&J’s Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels stated.

EU is catching up

Meanwhile, the European Union also is pushing tests of vaccines containing genetically modified organisms, as early as next week, Reuters exclusively reports. This move will reportedly help vaccine -makers like Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. These companies are among the few that use GMOs in vaccines.

In lieu of the above statement, it can well be assumed that many other stages of vaccine trial will be rescheduled ahead of time if the preliminary stages of trial prove successful. The world is awaiting the news of a successful vaccine trial.

India’s Panacea Biotec Ltd announced on Wednesday that they’re working on a potential COVID-19 vaccine in partnership with the US-based Refana Inc. The firms jointly aim to deliver 500million vaccine doses, with 40million doses reportedly ready by early next year.

Across the world, biotech firms and drug-makers are rushing to develop the fastest and the most effective vaccine to grab the demand and stop the spread of the disease which has so far infected more than 7 million and killed hundreds of thousands globally.