Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine induced strong immune response in humans after one shot

J&J pauses COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial after unexplained illness in participant
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Johnson & Johnson says its COVID-19 vaccine invoked a strong immune response against the novel coronavirus in humans in its early-to-mid stage clinical trial.

A single dose of the J&J vaccine was able to induce enough immune reaction to the virus, pushing one dose will be enough, the preliminary clinical trial found, Reuters reported.

Back in July, the same vaccine called Ad26.COV2.S developed by J&J showed promising results in money trials and incited what the company said was a strong immune response against the virus.

The clinical trial involved macaque monkeys and just one shot was enough to incite the desirable immune response expected, We The World reported earlier.

Now, J&J, backed by the US government conducted the clinical trial of the same vaccine on 1000 healthy adults and the results were promising.

J&J’s vaccine has an edge because it fares with the other potential vaccine candidates in the US market like Pfizer and Moderna, both of whose jabs are designed for twin shot, instead of one in case of the J&J dose.

The lesser the number of shots needed for an effective vaccination, the better the distribution and logistical outcomes are since more shots would need twice the effort to store and push the same than a single-shot vaccine.

Based on the current outcomes of the vaccine, Johnson & Johnson has started the final-stage trial on Wednesday, involving 60,000 people, Reuters reported.

If found satisfactory for a vaccine, the pharma giant will pursue regulatory approval in the US. According to J&J, results of the so-called phase III clinical trials are due for December or early next year.

Test result analysis from the trial which was made available to researchers found 29-days after the vaccinations, 98% of the participants whose data was accessible had neutralizing antibodies. But immune response data available was relatively limited.

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