Jane Goodall’s COVID-19 message: my heart goes out to the people suffering and wild animals horribly treated

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Famed English primatologist and anthropologist – globally acclaimed as the first chimpanzee expert – Jane Goodall recently spoke about the current Pandemic that is ravaging the planet. And her heart goes out for all of the people suffering from the outbreak, along with the countless wild animals that receive unimaginable mistreatment from humans. 

The activist, eco-warrior, and conservationist, Goodall, is credited for heralding the more in-depth understanding of apes, their close association with humans, through her 60-years old study at the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. She’s also an avid animal activist and environmentalist. 

Jane Goodall speaks about pandemic
Image courtesy of Jane Goodall Insititute via Instagram

On her official youtube channel – Jane Goodall Institute Belgium – the beloved anthropologist, now 86, addresses the coronavirus-affected people of China and gave her condolences for the loss. 

“It is a truly terrible time you’re going through, and my heart is with all who are sick, all who have lost loved ones. I just hope and pray that the nightmare would soon be over,” Jane says in the YouTube video. 

Continuing her speech, she goes on to say that she hopes and prays that the “nightmare may end for the wild animals, who’re captured and kept in horrible conditions, for food. Or because some people believe that the various animal parts can be used to cure diseases and give people strength and virility.” 

She clarified animals like bears, bats, pangolins, rhinos “have feelings just like us.” And they “suffer pain like us, like us, they know fear, loneliness, and despair.”

Goodall sheds light on how reckless destruction of wildlife habitat for ‘human needs’ has consequently ushered the climate crisis on earth. It has led to the extinction of many species “and our too-close relationship with wild animals in the markets, or when we use them for entertainment, has unleashed the terror and misery of the deadly new viruses.”

“We have amazing brains,” she says, adding, “we’re capable of loving compassion for each other. Let us also show love and compassion for the animals who’re with us on this planet. Let us all live in peace and harmony together.” 

“We disrespect the environment and animals that COVID-19 happened.”

Jane Goodall can be seen in the new National Geographic documentary – Jane Goodall: The Hope – that has been released on 22nd April, Earth Day. She speaks about the distorted human-nature (wildlife) relationship. 

In a telephonic conversation with a science and technology media outlet Cnet, the 86-years old activist says, “It’s because of our lack of respect for the environment that this terrible COVID-19 virus has shut down the world.” 

“This one was predicted ages ago in a book called Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic by David Quammen, but no one paid any attention. This time I hope we will,” Goodall was quoted as saying on the lightly edited transcript. 

Photo by Susanne Karl on Unsplash

“Today, all our problems are interconnected. One problem can create another.”

Goodall applauded the Chinese ban on the wildlife trade temporarily, which she hopes will be made permanent, and other Asian countries will follow, Agence France-Presse reported. 

Empathizing especially on the rampant cruelty on animals in the factory farms, Jane Goodall, said the combined effects of intensive farming, destruction of forests had bought animals in close contact with themselves, thereby making humans vulnerable. 

An ethical vegetarian herself, Goodall urged people to contemplate the everyday choices and the consequences it can lead to. 

Coronavirus Upends Life

Globally, coronavirus infections have crossed 3 million. The US is leading the race with 968,203 confirmed cases, followed by Spain with 229, 422, and Italy with 197, 675 confined instances, according to Johns Hopkins University data. To date, more than 50k people have succumbed to the disease.

Meanwhile, coronavirus in India has crossed 28k infected with death tolls touching 886, the Times Of India reports.  The country is entering its final week of the 40-day lockdown period.  According to reports, in the last 24-hours, 1,463 new cases surfaced, and the highest single-day death toll of 60 was reported.

Impact of coronavirus will remain visible in the coming months, masks and face covers will be part of our life

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a Press Release

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