One of world’s strictest lockdowns, Italy to open its borders from June 3

Italy To Open Its Borders From June 3 - We The World Magazine
Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

The government of Italy on Saturday confirmed in a decree it will be opening international movement to and fro the nation, starting June 3, relaxing one of the world’s strictest coronavirus lockdowns.

Italy is one of the most severely affected countries in the world with a recorded 31,600 deaths. The country imposed a nationwide lockdown in March – the first European nation to do so – after the virus came into light on February 21.

Italy is one of the most severely affected countries in the world with a recorded 31,600 deaths (Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash)

For the first time on May 4, the nation started its initial lockdown relaxations, throwing open some parks and factories, according to Reuters.

Starting June 3rd, Italy will allow free movement within its borders. However, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte insisted on a gradual normalization to avoid risks of a second wave, as some regions have pushed for even faster rollback.



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Shops, restaurants will gradually open with strict social distancing protocols and hygiene in place according to reports.

Here are some takeaways from the upcoming withdrawal of travel-ban in Italy:

  • May 18 – shops will open, the regional movement will be allowed, people will visit friends
  • June 2 – inter-regional movement will be suspended till date, no holiday till now
  • June 3 – all inter-regional travel restrictions are now relaxed

With the lifting of travel restrictions, Italy is reportedly trying to salvage the falling vacation season. Italians traditionally escape the city at this time for their annual summer break.