ISRO Chief lauds India’s decision to open space sector for private players

ISRO Chief lauds India's decision to open space sector for private players - We The World Magazine

India’s Union cabinet on Wednesday approved the creation of the Indian National Space promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACE) opening the nation’s space infrastructure to the private players.

The move is being seen as a ‘historic’ and a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious plans of making India ‘self-reliant’ and ‘technologically advanced.’ ISRO Chief chief K Sivan lauded the government’s decision saying the reforms will put India in the league of a few countries with similar authorisation mechanisms.

“Department of Space will promote sector space activities to enable it to provide end to end space services, including building and launching of rockets and satellites as well as providing space-based services on a commercial basis,” the Indian Space Research Organization Chief was quoted as saying.

“An open and inclusive space sector will result in accelerated growth, job creation, as well as innovations and, will enable Indian Space Industry to be a significant player in the global space economy.”

“Space sector, where India is among handful of countries with advanced space technology, can play significant role in boosting industrial base of India. The government has decided to implement reformed measures to leverage Isro’s achievement by opening space sector for private enterprises.”

The IN-SPACE will be responsible for nudging private industries in the space sector with friendly regulations and encouraging policies, the Minister of State for Atomic Energy and Space, Jitendra Singh said on Wednesday, Hindusthan Times reports.

“The decision will go a long way in preventing India’s Space talent Brain Drain and simultaneously help India establish itself as a frontline world nation,” Sing wrote on twitter.

Boost economy

Indian is among a few nations with advanced space infrastructure. By opening the sector for private players, India joins the like of NASA in the US that has already a similar model of operation. One of the most advanced private space organizations is the Elon Musk-led firm SPACE-X that recently launched the Americas in the space.

The new move in the space sector is being seen as a thrust to India’s technology pool and ‘expansion of the industries.’ Furthermore, the reforms are being seen to push new technology, development of new activities, exploration missions, and human spaceflight programs in ISRO and also “some of the planetary exploration missions” for the private sector through an ‘announcement of opportunity’ mechanism.

“ISRO will continue to carry out its present activities with greater emphasis on development of advanced technology, missions and capacity building besides supporting private endeavours in space sector,” ISRO Chairman told in a statement.