Inspiration behind JK Rowling’s Harry Potter- Revealed!!!

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Harry Potter never grows old. Sometimes through conspiracy theories, through speculations or sometimes through fond remembrance, Harry Potter finds its way back to its fans across the globe almost every year, long after the last book was published or the previous movie released.

The most recent comeback of speculations for Potterheads was through a thread of tweets posted by a fan and replied to by our favorite Rowling.

The tweet surfaced with speculations on the places that served as an inspiration to create the magical space of “Potterverse.”

Image courtesy of JK Rowling via Twitter

After watching the film and reading the movies, fans mostly tries to locate the places in close resemblance to the sites mentioned in the book. For instance, Kings Cross Station in London is the station where the Famous Platform 9 3/4th is located.

The castle of Hogwarts seems familiar with many old world castles dotting the European continent especially, Ireland and England.

The inspiration behind Harry Potter revealed

Rowling, in the act of sheer goodness, keeps on hinting at many inspiration for the book through her tweets. She keeps updating fans with theories from Hogwarts and Harry Potter’s life. Most recently, she was heard confirming the actual location where she laid the foundation for Hogwarts in pen and paper.

“I was renting a room in a flat over what was then a sports shop. The first bricks of Hogwarts were laid in a flat in Clapham Junction,” she wrote.

This revelation came in answer to a tweet from a fan that showed the Elephant House, which is basically a coffee shop in a picturesque location and a backdrop of Edinburg Castle.

The shop also claims in its website to be the place where Rowling was writing her book in the initial phase and the cafeteria claimed to provide a source of inspiration.

This description naturally created questions in the minds of ever-curious fans regarding the intellectual birthplace of the Harry Potter series. Nevertheless, Rowling was kind enough to clear doubts and revealed the statement mention above.

She also stated that the character of Harry Potter was first incepted while Rowling was residing in her rented flat in Clapham Junction.

So dear readers, let us browse through the few revelations from the author regarding the birthplace and subsequent inspiration of Potter franchise against the fan theories:

  • Rowling confirms that the pen and paper birthplace of Potter washer flat in Clapham Junction
  • The idea of the book came to her while she was on a “Manchester-London train”.
  • She had been writing in a café in Portugal (specifically in Rua Santa Catarina) but that was not the beginning.
  • She did not take inspiration for the structure of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” from any real school of Edinburg in the beginning.
  • She also debunks the idea of inspiration from a book store in Oporto (Portugal) that resembles some areas within Hogwarts School. She clarified never visiting the bookstore however beautiful it is.

Thus fan theories are not always correct. It does not even matter whether they are all correct or not. What matters is that it is about HARRY POTTER. Nothing related to the Potterverse can be meaningless.

The constant upheavals of fans speculating knick knacks about the franchise are nothing but a heartfelt attestation of the magic that Harry Potter and series has cast upon the world.

Harry Potter never really ended. We do not know if any more Potter of anything more from Hogwarts will come out to the world or not, the things that we already have are enough to last a lifetime. Although there is no such thing as- “enough of Harry Potter”.

Let us know in the comments if you have ever come up with any Potter theories of your own. What do you think about this inspiration behind Harry Potter?

(Cover image courtesy of JK Rowling via Twitter)