Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupts spewing Godzilla ash clouds up to 5 km in sky

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupts spewing Godzilla ash clouds - We The World Magazine

For the second time in three days, Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung again erupted on Monday, spewing a Godzilla sized blob of the ash cloud in the sky and turning the nearby village dark for sometimes.

The 2,475m-high volcano crater located in the North Sumatra province in the eastern part of Indonesia erupted last on August 8, following which a flight alert was raised in the region by the National Volcanology Agency, Straits Times reported.

But Monday’s eruption dwarfed the last one, with ashes, this time, thrown as high as 5 km up in the sky. The recent volcanic activities in the active volcanic mountain come after one year of inactivity.

The Monday eruption occurred with a thunderous noise as witnesses and authorities told Reuters. Dramatic footages captured by nearby residents shows the giant ash cloud taking fierce shapes, turning the sky black.

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Alert has been raise in the region and residents have been asked to stay away from 1 3-km radius from the volcanic activity and have been urged to wear masks to minimise the risks of falling volcanic ashes.

Fortunately, no fatality was reported from this event. “The village went dark for about 20 minutes,” a local was quoted as saying by digital media agency AJ+.

(Cover image courtesy of AJ+ via Twitter)