India’s coronavirus now fastest growing in the world – report

India Coronavirus: caseload crosses 2 million earlier than the US & Brazil did

India’s coronavirus epidemic is now growing at an alarming rate, the fastest in the world, Bloomberg coronavirus tracker has found.

On Monday, India recorded a near-breaking 50,000 daily cases of coronavirus, one of the most extensive.

In the last week alone, the epidemic in the South Asian nation has spiked upto 20% recording a total of over 1.4 million cases nationally, after the record-breaking spike on Monday.

According to India’s federal health ministry data, India has an all total of 1.43 million coronavirus cases with more than 37k mortality.

States like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are among the most severely affected regions in the nation, with majority of cases arising from these states.

India's coronavirus now fastest growing in the world - report - We The World Magazine
India’s coronavirus now fastest growing in the world – report

West Bengal and Bihar are also catching up with high number of recorded cases.

“The recovery rate is better than most countries and already getting better,” PM Narendra Modi, however said on Monday at a virtual address.

“The world is praising us because of the efforts of the foot soldiers. We don’t lack awareness,” the Prime Minister added.

While India is still behind the national total of the United States and Brazil, growth-wise India is unfortunate leading the pandemic, Bloomberg reports.

The nation of 1.3 billion people has ramped up testing, however it continues to remain one of the least in the world in terms of coverage.

In comparison, the US tests over 150 people per 1000, while in case of India it is barely barely 12 for the same number of people, according to Our World in Data.

Russia’s testing rate is higher than the US.