Indian villagers die after resorting to drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer amid booze crisis

Indian villagers die after resorting to drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer amid booze crisis - We The World Magazine

In a bizarre incident, at least 10 villagers in an Indian village have died after drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizers amid a crisis of consumable alcohol.

The incident took place in the village of Kurichedu where at least 10 ‘alcohol-dependent’ men drank alcohol-based hand sanitizers for 10 days before dying, District police chief Siddharth Kaushal said, the BBC reports.

“We are investigating whether the sanitizer had any other toxic content,” the officer told reporters adding the samples were sent to labs for chemical analysis.

The officer also told Reuters news agency that some people who are heavily addicted to alcohol have been drinking to alcohol to get high.

“Alcohol is not available because of the lockdown, but hand sanitisers are easily available,” the officer told media.

Alcohol-based and sanitizers are made from rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl which is a potent poison when ingested. In n’ number of cases, people have died from drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

India is currently in efforts to overcome a stunning economy after months-long hiatus to stop the spread of the virus. Earlier this week, India’s federal government announced a reopening scheme under the Unlock 3.0 plan.

Yoga centers and gymnasiums were thrown open while the bar, cinema, swimming, and other public recreation centers were ordered to stay closed.

However, amid the nation’s craning aim towards reopening, several areas have been ordered to shut down after the cluster virus emerged.

The BBC notes, confirmed cases in the state of Andhra Pradesh have rose to more than nine folds in the past few weeks. 55,000 new infections were recorded nationally in the past 24-hours with 779 fatalities.

As per Johns Hopkins University tally, India has a total caseload of 1,695,988 nationally, the third-most in the world, after Brazil with 2,662,485 cases and 4,562,170 cases of the US.