UPDATE: 20 Indian soldiers killed in LAC; World War 3 trends on Twitter

China air-fired in LOC amid talks while India exercised restraint - Indian Army - We The World Magazine
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Indian Army, as of late Tuesday raised the bar of Indian soldiers killed in the recent India-China face-off, from 3 to 20 all total.

Seventeen soldiers (from the earlier report of 3) later succumbed to lethal injuries sustained during the brawl on the sub-zero temperatures of the high-altitude Himalayas.

The incident: as Indian Army official told on Tuesday morning soldiers of both the nations engaged in a violent face-off but without firing, as per reports. Soldiers reportedly fought over stones, rods, and fisticuffs that lead to lethal injuries in both the sides.

Chinese counterparts of the incident are apparently shrouding the number of deaths sustained in their military.

However, later, Chinese media tweeted that it is aware of the mortality in their army. A ZeeNews broadcast said the death toll in the Chinese army was nearly the same as India’s, however, the exact numbers still remain unknown.

News agency ANI tweeted than an Indian interception revealed Chinese side sustained 43 deaths. ANI also noted increased chopper activity by the Chinese army in the LAC to airlift the casualties in the incident.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian accused India of illegally crossing the borders twice and that India “carried out provocative attacks on Chinese personnel,” AP reports.

Indian Ministry of External Affairs on the other hand said the incident happened “as a result of an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change status quo there.”

Just recently, news about a single Chinese fighter jet intruding Taiwanese air-defense territory surfaced. Taiwan initially sent radio signal warnings to leave, and later Taiwanese Air-force jets reportedly “drove away” the Chinese intruder.

World War 3?

Meanwhile on twitter, #WorldWar3 is trending. The term apparently has come to the mainstream view this time after a UK-based media outlet called EXPRESS started its headline with ‘World War 3’ while covering an article on the India-China dispute, among others. See what Netizens have to say:

The UK-based media outlet has apparently covered more than one article using the phrase ‘World War 3,’ which could have influenced the trend.

Speaking about the Indo-China dispute that might have possibly fanned a probability for the third World War, high-ranking officials from both the sides have agreed to preside the dispute over peaceful negotiations.

Both China and India have a history of dispute over the 3.5k kilometers long LAC, but this is the first time in decades both the sides encountered mortality.

Searching the keyword ‘World War 3,’ majority articles from the same publication floats (Image courtesy of WeTheWorld Magazine)

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