World-record: Indian Railways runs a double stack container train on electrified route

Indian Railways Runs A Double Stack Container Train On Electrified Route - We The World Magazine

On Thursday, Indian railways created a new world benchmark after successfully driving the world’s first double-stacked goods train on an electrified route with high-rise Over Head Equipment (OHE).

According to the official statement, the feat in a first-in-kind in the whole world and will reaffirm India’s Green India Mission for the railways. Indian Railways drove a double stack container train on the newly built corridor with high-rise Over Head Equipment (OHE) on the electrified Western Railways route.

Image courtesy of the Ministry of railways via Twitter

In simple terms, unlike regular routes, this newly made route had the contact wire built higher than the normal, to allow passage of double-stacked freight containers as shown in the image below (above).

Note the unusual height of the pantograph (image below). Normal IR pantographs have to reach up to 5 meters to touch the overhead cable. This is a new benchmark erected by the national career had the locomotive draw currents from a 7.5-meter long pantograph.

Note the unusually high pantographs that extends upto 7.5 meters to touch the overhead cable (Image courtesy of Ministry of railways via Twitter)

“This tremendous achievement is a first of its kind in the entire world and will also boost the ambitious mission of Green India as a latest green initiative over Indian Railways,” the statement said.

“With this remarkable development, Indian Railways has proudly become the first Railway to run double-stack container train with high reach pantograph in high rise OHE territory,” the statement added. Watch the amazing feat in action below.

The operation was successfully carried on Wednesday from Palanpur and Botad stations in Gujrat. Railway ministry says these advancements will ensure better customization, speed, and innovation in freight transportation for the nation.

As the nation continues to remain indoors, Indian Railways in the meantime has already ferried 32.40 lacs wagons from 24th March to 10th June. It included carrying supplies to keep the supply chain functional like edibles among others. Compared to last year, the freight load for food grains was double this year for the period of April to June.

Since the time the lockdown was imposed the Indian Railways has hauled a total of 178.68 million tonnes of commodities through the 24×7 functional freight corridors.

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(Cover image courtesy of Ministry of railways via Twitter)