India part of the United Nation’s most powerful body- the UN Security Council

India part of the United Nation's most powerful body- the UN Security Council
India part of the United Nation's most powerful body- the UN Security Council

India is now a part of the 15-member UN-branch responsible for world peace and security. The world’s largest democracy was unopposedly elected by a majority of 183 votes from the 193-member general assemble in UN Security Council.

India’s permanent representative in the United Nations, TS Titumurti told ANI that the nation’s election stands for the global role played by prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Our election is is a recognition of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s global role,” Tirumurti was quoted as saying. His strong engagement across countries and across regions has clearly found resonance.”

India’s majority votes by the 193-member General Assemble places India in the 15-member decision-making body for the term 2021-22. It included 5 permanent member nations and 10 non-permanent, five of which are changed after two years.

The recent voting held by the UN General Assembly was for the election of 5 non-permanent members of the Security Council, and other members of the Economic and Social Council on June 17th.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: “Deeply grateful for the overwhelming support shown by the global community for India’s membership of the UN Security Council. India will work with all member countries to promote global peace, security, resilience and equity.”

Along with India, Mexico, Norway, and Ireland were elected in the Security Council in the UN headquarters in New York, USA, reportedly under strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols. leaders wore masks and sat part in a one-of-a-kind election. The 193-member states will have to assemble again on Thursday to fill the last seat for the non-permanent member nations, NDTV reports.

The UN Security Council has 5 permanent veto-wielding nations – The US, Russia, China, France, and Britain. This is the only UN-body that can legally authorize the use of force over aggressive nations and sanctions.

India was the only candidate from the Asia-pacific region and India’s most recent non-permanent membership in the council, apart from this, was back in 2011-2012.