India overtakes Spain’s COVID-19; Delhi warned for at least 1 lakh cases

India Overtakes Spains Covid-19 Delhi Warned For At Least 1 Lakh Cases - We The World Magazine
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India recorded more 9887 coronavirus cases in one day on Saturday, leaping above Italy’s count. The world’s largest democracy is now the 5th most-affected nation in the world. An expert committee has wanted Delhi could see at least one lakh cases by the end of June.

India now has 246,628 COVID-19 cases placing it above Italy and Spain’s records, data tracked by Johns Hopkins University confirms. The spike in fresh infections comes in just before the nation’s scheduled reopening of public places like shopping malls, places of worship, and so on.

The US, Brazil, Russia, and the UK still hold the respective positions of the most affected countries in the world. Despite thousands of cases recorded in 24-hours, India’s COVID-19 count has been relatively less as compared to the population. The US for instance has recorded more than 1.9 million confirmed cases, which has a population far less than India. In the same way, Brazil, the second most affected country has recorded more than 600k infections but has a population nowhere near that of India’s.

India’s death toll has been comparatively lower as well. The Narendra Modi Government was swift to impose one of the world’s strictest lockdowns sustaining 1.3 billion people behind the doors in March. The government claims this strict lockdown helped in keeping the virus count low. Nonetheless, India is eager to relaunch a stifling economy by opening commercial places in phase starting Monday.

However, the rush to ease lockdown is reaffrming chances of further spike in fresh cases, according to experts.

At least one lakh cases

A five-member committee formed by the Delhi government has warned by the end of June the National Capital Territory could see at least one lakh case. The committee studied COVID-19 patterns in other cities and predicted the conclusion. It has urged the government to keep additional beds for an emergency, ANI reports.

Experts are still paranoid about the reopening. WHO has lauded India’s lockdown measures. However, in a recent virtual conference in Geneva, head of WHO’s emergency program Dr. Mike Ryan told “As India and in other large countries open up and people begin to move there is always a risk of the disease bouncing back up,” Reuters report.

As of places of worship, once reopened, devotees will reportedly have to wash their hands and feet before entering the complex and distribution of offering, a sprinkling of holy water and touching the idol will be forbidden.

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