India inches closer to Brazil’s COVID-19 count, set to surpass soon

India coronavirus: caseloads near 5 million - We The World
Image courtesy of Unsplash

Another 83,341 new COVID-19 cases on Friday took India’s national total to 3.94 million cases as the world’s biggest democracy inches closer to Brazil’s 4 million counts, federal health government data showed.

This is the second day in a row India recorded over 80k new infections, after recording over 70k for days in a row previously. Brazil has the world’s second-most number of COVID-19 infections after the US with more than 6 million cases.

If recent data is to be believed, India’s COVID-19 caseload is just 60,000 behind that of Brazil’s and as per the recent trends, India might be days behind becoming the world’s second-most affected nation after the US.

India’s daily caseload has been an all-time high for almost a month, ever since the nation started it’s aggressive testing measures after months of tracing setback.

Meanwhile, the nation is preparing to reopen a battered economy under its eponymous Unlock 4.0., where metro rail service, conducting religious congregations, political setups, and certain entertainment activities will be allowed to happen, gradually.

The April-June quarter has been worst as the pandemic forced virtually 1.3 billion people to stay indoors. However, India managed to keep its death-rate comparatively lower imposing one of the strictest lockdowns on 1.3 billion people in March.

In the last 24-hours, 1,096 people died from the virus on Friday, dragging the total mortality to 68,472. Globally, 26.15 million people have been sickened by the disease, with over 863, 863 deaths.