India’s COVID-19 daily cases touch a record 55,078 on Friday

India Coronavirus: caseload crosses 2 million earlier than the US & Brazil did

India’s coronavirus national total got an addition of another 55,078 new cases in a daily record-breaking number of infections on Friday.

The numbers arrive after the nation tested a record 600,000 people on Friday, Reuters reports. Federal Health Ministry aims to increase the bar to 1 million per day.

After the Friday’s caseload, the national total stands at 1.64 million in the world’s largest democracy.

With Friday’s surge in new cases, 779 deaths were following taking the total fatalities from COVID-19 to 35,747, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on its website.

India in the recent weeks have ramped up testing number of patients daily, and with increased testing more and more cases are surfacing.

Earlier experts had raised questions about India’s number of coronavirus cases recorded, which was said to be low for a nation of more than a billion people.

India is gradually lifting restrictions of the economy that has been put to a standstill since March lockdown. Currently, the World’s largest democracy is in the third phase of unlocking.

Yoga centers and gyms have been thrown open in the new Unlock 3.0 guidelines, while bars, swimming pools, and theaters are still forbidden from opening.

At present, India is the third worst-hit nation from the novel coronavirus just below Brazil and the US. Experts predict India is an emerging epicenter of the disease.

Earlier this week, a Bloomberg report revealed India’s COVID count is the fastest growing in the world.