India coronavirus tally is highest in the world so far in August: Report

India approaching 2 million caseloads with 52,972 new coronavirus infections - We The World Magazine

India coronavirus tally in August so far has been highest in the world, with fresh infections in the nations recording more than 60,000 for the second day straight.

India on Friday recorded over 60k new infections with nearly 1k deaths in a single day, the highest count in one day, according to a report.

So far till August 8, India’s coronavirus caseloads has been the highest, recording numbers slightly higher than the US and substantially higher than Brazil for this month.

In the first six days of August, India recorded a whopping 3,28,903 new infections, which is in contrast to the US infections – 3,26,111 and for Brazil – 2,51,264 cases in the same time frame.

India’s COVID count touched 2 million on Thursday, a milestone that was attained much faster than the US and Brazil in reaching the two million cases. However, the death toll is comparatively lower in India than the two nations.

India attained the second million in just 20 days, faster than the US and Brazil. In contrast, the US reached the second million after 43 days after attaining 1 million cases; Brazil attained the same number of infections after 27-days of reaching 1 million.

In the last 24-fours, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh recorded 2488 cases, Bihar – 3646, Assam – 1088 and Karnataka – 1088 cases as per health ministry data.

While Maharashtra COVID curve continues to grow, Mumbai, India’s financial capital has attained stability in the number of cases recorded. On Friday, Mumbai’s COVID count was the lowest in 10-days.