India coronavirus cases race past China’s with nearly 86,000 positives

India Coronavirus Cases Race Past China’s With Nearly 86,000 Positives - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of IANS via Twitter

An unwanted win: India coronavirus case counts surpassed that of China’s on Saturday, where the virus originated last year in Wuhan.

COVID-19 cases recorded an all-time high with about 85,940 infections n the world’s largest democracy racing it ahead of China’s nearly 83k mark.

However, the strict lockdown in place since last March has controlled the contagion, media reports confirm. However, in a nation with 1.3 billion people, the proportion of testing remains low as per the population.

Despite, from April, ramped up testing lead to 100,000 tests so far, the count still trails far behind in terms of per capita counts, according to Reuters.


India coronavirus count goes past China's where the virus originated last year
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It must be noted that India has managed to keep its death rate count low from other countries like the US, Italy and China. Italy has more than 31,610 deaths. The US has more than 88,237 deaths. While China counts at 4,633 mortality cases.



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Some of India’s biggest economic hotspots have the highest rates of the novel coronavirus infections. India’s Mumbai is the worst hit, followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujrat, and New Delhi. The government is trying it’s best to reopen the stuttering economy at the same time bypassing a potential second-wave outbreak.

According to the Health Ministry’s data India coronavirus currently has 53034 active cases, 2752 deaths, while 30152 people recovered.

(Cover image courtesy of IANS via Twitter)