India coronavirus: 68,898 new cases take national caseload to 2.9 million

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

India coronavirus caseload on Friday spurred another 68,898, taking the national total to nearly touching 3 million, federal health ministry data showed.

The total number of infected in India is now 2.9 million, after the Friday spike. In the same 24-hour period, 983 people died from the novel coronavirus, reflecting a total fatality of  54,849.

For days in a row now, India has been recording more than 50k cases on an average. Part of the growing number of cases owes to the ramped-up testing by the government, the number of which is only dwarfed by the US.

States like Maharashtra, Orissa, Karnataka, and Punjab has seen surge in cases. In Delhi, particularly the case is likely more severe than the official records perceive.

A recent serological survey conducted by the local government on 15K people found 30% of the Indian capital’s population might be infected with the virus.

Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain said in a news conference on Thursday that an antibody test was conducted on the sample population in the first week of August.

As per Jain, 29.1% of the population they tested had antibodies, reflecting they contracted the virus and have been cured as well, Reuters reports.

Previously, a similar study by the government in Delhi found one in every four New Delhi residents have been exposed to the novel virus that has so far infected more than 21 million.

Delhi which has a population of 20 million has seen one of the nation’s biggest outbreak o SARS-CoVI-2 virus, with 140,767 cases recorded so far.

India’s number of COVID-19 infection is the third-highest in the world, and arguably the worst-hit in Asia. The first two worst-hit countries continue to be the US, followed by Brazil.