In pictures | Japan floods, worst in decades devastate the nation

In pictures: Japan devastated by worst flood in decades - We The World Magazine

Southern Japan is still battling the throes of floods driven by heavy rain when the downpour seems to travel central and eastern Japan according to NHK news.

Since the last week, the East Asian nation has been devastated by flood and associated side-effects, pushing the country on toes to evacuate millions amid pandemic.

Large areas in southern Japan are already destroyed with landslides and mudslides and massive floods, and at least 58 people have died until Wednesday, The New York Times reports.

Kumamoto region continues to be the hardest-hit area. Millions of people have been advised to relocate to a safer location.

A man walks over toppled infrastructure in South Japan’s Kyushu region, after worst flood in decades wreak havoc (Image courtesy of @BeeNewsDaily via Twitter)

As of Wednesday, the downpour has engulfed parts of central Japan namely Nagano and Gifu, Associated Press reports, and Japan’s Meteorological Agency has issued the highest-level warning in 20 districts of Nagano and Gifu for unremitting rains.

A local man told NHK news: “Sand and rocks plunged down, jumped the river and slammed into the houses.”

In pictures | Japan floods, worst in decades devastate the nation

According to Japanese news agency Kyodo News, some 219k people have been asked to evacuate from the new high-risk Gifu Prefecture in the light of the impending disaster.

NHK Television footage showed the swollen Hida river has gorged on parts of a national highway that was running along its bank.

Image showing Highway in Japan’s Gifu region sweapt off by raging river (Image courtesy of @WordUpJapan via Twitter)

Gero city has also witnessed massive flooding of rivers and in some parts, the bridges are facing a constant threat of being drowned in swelling volume of water. In Takayama, massive landslides and mudslides have destroyed homes, uprooted trees, and created havoc for the residents.

days of heavy rainfall triggers devastating floods (Image courtesy of @H24News_ via Twitter)

The summer rains of Japan is a yearly occurrence, owing to the warm and humid air from the East China Sea mingling with the already hovering rain clouds over Japan. However, the nation is experiencing one of the worst floods in decades, according to The New York Times. The 2018 summer floods in Japan claimed at least 200 lives, mostly from Hiroshima.

The army and volunteers along with police in thousands are untiringly working to take the situation under control. Rescue operations are being conducted at regular intervals. But the floodwaters show no mercy for the same and in some parts even rescue operations got delayed.

(Cover image courtesy of @BeeNewsDaily via Twitter)