IIT Bombay becomes first major inst. to fully transit to online lectures this year


The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, became the first IIT to scrap face-to-face lectures from the new semester in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We took the first step in India in concretely deciding how we must bring closure to the current semester to help our students,” Director of the IIT Bombay wrote in a statement adding that the education center has decided to go completely online for the next semester until the end of this year.

The premier institute is looking forward to making no compromise on the health and safety of the students. “The COVID Pandemic has made us at IIT Bombay rethink the way we impart education to our students. To ensure that our students begin the academic year without further delay, we are planning on extensive online classes details of which will be informed to all students in due course of time,” IIT Bombay Director wrote.

IIT Bombay becomes India’s first to transit to fully online in the wake of Pandemic (Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash)

The institute has also bought the issue of economic disparity in the attending students, where a large percentage of the students come from economically less privileged backgrounds. Since online classes will require some basic IT setup, like a broadband connection and a laptop, it would not be plausible for many, the Director’s statement noted.

In the statement, he called for donation, as a good 5-crores has been estimated will be needed to help the needy students. “We do not want a single student to miss out on the learning experience for the lack of money.”

“We have estimated that we need about Rs 5 crores to help those needy students. Our alumni have committed a good amount of support, but that is not enough for all these needy students and I solicit through this message your donations, however small it may be.”

According to the PTI, this is the first time in the IIT’s history that the new session will launch with completely contactless means.

Mumbai had the highest number of COVID-19 patients, until Tuesday when New Delhi crossed the mark of 70k infections, taking the first place. Currently, there are 473k confirmed cases registered across India and 272k recovered.

(Cover image courtesy of Prateek Karandikar via Commons)