Human nest-like pods are now promising the ultimate post-coronavirus lodging

Human Nest-like Pods Are Now Promising The Ultimate Post-Coronavirus Lodging - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Nomaic Resorts

Creatively taking over terms like ‘post-coronavirus travel’ and the ‘new normal,’ design firm Nomadic Resorts have developed a human nest-like concept called ‘Seedpods’ that can be quickly installed/ hung anywhere (nomadic) and packs social distancing perks by design.

The invention of a multi-award winning design firm Nomadic Resorts, known for its portfolio of innovative design-centric accommodations, the Seedpod is promising to usher a new future of post-corona lodging. Especially living while on travel.

Amazing pod-like capsules made from durable fabric can be installed in a few hours and can be hung on a cliff, trees, and its tripod. The Seedpods can resist a wind speed of up to 120 km/ hr, thanks to aerodynamics. The interiors can be made into a dining space, converted into a sitting lounge, and a bedroom for couples s well. Each Seedpod also comes with its optional source of electricity to power digital devices.

image courtesy of Nomadic Resorts via Instagram

Too excited to try one for yourself?

Seedpods are currently installed in the Heritage Nature Reserve of Mauritius. The company plans to extend the offering through more resorts in the future according to Lonely Planet. Speaking about the post-coronavirus aspect, the Seedpods by-design ensure social distancing. Moreover, the material used is easy to clean and maintain overall hygiene in comparison to hotel rooms.

“The psychological and economic impacts of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown will be far-reaching: people will obviously re-evaluate their notions of personal space, work, family and hygiene; but they will also reconsider food security, travel, wellbeing and their relationship with nature. A new form of travel will arise,” the company told Lonely Planet.

Cheers, isolation!

One of the most glaring trends that tourism is bound to pursue is isolation. Leading health advisories suggest at least a 6-meter distance between people to prevent to spread of the virus. 6-feet is a lot of space when the jam-packed tourism industry is concerned. But there’s are options. Where’s it tipping to? Isolated places.

Tourism industry is adopting to the ethos of the new normal and ‘social distancing’ with innovations like Seedpod (Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash)

“Isolated places are going to have a whole new appeal because people are afraid to mix with others and socialize,” a luxury travel advisor from a reputable firm tells CNN. “They want to travel but get away from everyone and secluded destinations offer the opportunity to do that.”

Nomadic Resorts says their new development is in tandem with the recent trends of tourism that includes experimental travel, wellness retreats, and other alternative accommodation trends. For instance, just recently the demand for private islands has increased. Peace of mind, social distancing, isolation fuel the demand. Now, if a private island is not possible, Seedpod is there.

Excited to know more about the makers and where to enjoy their offering? Visit their website here.

(Cover image courtesy of Nomadic Resorts)