This is how economy class seats could look like in future

Economy Class Seats Could Look Like In Future - We The World Magazine

Airline interior supplier, the Italy-based Aviointerors has a solution to the concerned airlines struggling to come up with measures to match social distancing protocols in their economy class seats. It addresses the suggested empty middle seat protocol in airlines to ensure maximum social distancing possible.

If approved, airlines will be able to bag 33% more revenue from this innovation if regulations at last call to remove the middle seat amid Covid-19 fears, Ain Online reports. It further states that the International Air Transport Association director-general Alexandre de Juniac has warned for hiking airfare due to the empty middle seat requirements in the future.

Image courtesy of Avio Interiors via Instagram

Potential economy class seats in the future?

The two propositions – Janus and Glassafe – are the company’s answer to social distancing needs in airlines. Conceptualized in such a way, these two seating arrangement designs are made keeping in mind space utility, and hygiene protocols for economy class seats.

Named after the two-faced Roman god Janus, the design of the same name reverses the center seat of the triple, to maximize passenger isolation.  According to Ain Online, passengers sitting in the side, aisle, and fuselage continue to remain seated, usually, in the direction of the flight. But the middle row faces backward. Moreover, each passenger gets an isolated space for themselves, thanks to the transparent shields installed. Additionally, the “Janus” seats are made of easy cleaning and safe hygienisation materials.”

Image courtesy of Avio Interiors via Instagram

Dubbing it as a ‘kit level’ solution, the “Glassafe” refurbishes the regular seating arrangement while prioritizing ” to make proximity safer among passengers sharing the same seat.” Airlines can choose from various shades of transparent material to go with their aesthetics, for the partitions.

This is how economy class seats could like like in future
Image courtesy of Avio Interiors via Instagram

It is designed to “avoid or minimize contacts and interactions via air between passenger and passenger,” to bypass chances of contamination, the company writes in a statement. However, it must be noted that this design doesn’t adhere to the minimum two-meters or six feet of social distance requirements.


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CNN Travel reports, many airlines have already started to showing interest in their concept. And if things go in the right direction, the company can roll out the products within eight to eleven months.

Meanwhile In the Latest Airline News

Many airlines have announced resuming flights to Israel starting May. Hungary-based Wiz, British Airways, and Air Canada have opened their online bookings to Israel, followed by airlines like Air India, Alitalia, and airBaltic from June. However, the feasibility of the schedule is still not concrete, according to media reports.

Israel’s strict lockdown rules are making many airlines skeptical about resuming bookings, fearing there will not be enough foot traffic, among other issues.

India-based low-carrier airlines GoAir, Spice Jet, Vistara, and Indigo, have announced bookings open for departures ranging from May 16th to June 1st, LiveMint reports. However, state-owned Air India did not announce any activities.

This announcement reportedly come within a week after the civil aviation ministry slammed the private carriers for their decision to resume bookings last week, and it stopped. It remains unclear if the department gave the nod for this latest round of resumption.

Whether or not we will get to see this in real life, only the future of air travel has it in store. Nonetheless, the concepts are mind-blowing.

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