‘Hero’ husband kept punching great white shark until it released his wife

'Hero' husband kept punching great white shark until it released his wife - We The World Magazine
Representative image. Photo courtesy of Unsplash

A husband was hailed ‘hero’ after he reportedly punched a great white shark at an Australian beach that attacked his wife while they were surfing in the waters.

One eyewitness who was surfing nearby when the attack happened said the great white which attacked the woman was 10 feet or three meters long, Daily Mail reports, and the man kept hitting the ferocious animal until it let go of his wife’s leg.

According to local police, the couple were surfing at a beach near Port Macquarie when the attack happened. The shark bit the woman twice on her right leg which was severely injured.

She received some immediate treatment from the paramedic on spot and the 35-years-old was later airlifted to a major hospital for further treatment.

“He started laying into the shark because it wouldn’t let go,” Jed Toohey told the Daily Telegraph, adding that “He saved her life… He was really incredible.”

Great white sharks are one of the most fearsome predators that threaten humans and have one of the strongest bite force o any creatures in the animal kingdom, probably only dwarfed by the bite force of a saltwater crocodile.

A 2008 estimate of a 21-feet long great white shark shows the creatures can manage to produce nearly 4000 PSI of bite force, which is equal to exerting nearly 300 kg pressure per square inch of skin.

Although the test remains an analysis, real-life results should be somewhere close, if not more. Volunteer, anyone?

Australia has one of the world’s most extensive coastlines with one of the largest records of shark attacks in the world. Last year, three people died from shark attacks in Australia.