Gunmen enter classrooms and open fire killing 20 at Kabul University

Gunmen enter classrooms and open fire killing 20 at Kabul University - We The World
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At least 19 people were killed, and 22 injured in a gunfire rampage after three gunmen stormed Afghanistan’s largest – Kabul university on Monday, local media confirmed.

Following the fatal outrage in Kabul University, attended by over 22,000 students, the security forces lodged a counter-attack which led to a few hours-long battle, finally killing the terrorists.

The foreign leaders commenting on the incident said students in Afghanistan must feel safe to study in schools, after second such an attack in an education center of the heavily terrorized nation comes in 10 days.

“Our prayers are with the families of the victims and the injured. We will continue to support Afghanistan’s brave struggle against terrorism,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement.

At least 22 people were wounded according to the interior ministry’s interim reports. A book fair was reportedly attended by the Iran ambassador to Afghanistan on the Kabul University campus.

Afghan Presidential Palace announced the day as a national day of mourning. The Afghan flag will fly at half-mast across the nation and around the world in embassies to mark the innocent loss of lives, local media reported.

Eyewitnesses told Tolo News the gunmen entered the classrooms in the university’s Law faculty wing and opened fire on the students and professors in the classrooms.

“All my classmates were stained in blood. They were wounded. I was hidden somewhere in the classroom. I survived but 14 of our classmates might be either killed or wounded,” an eyewitness told Tolo News.

Gunfire and sounds of explosions echoed through the empty campus of the University, as the security forces fought for 5-hours, finally bringing all the three-five terrorists down.

The Taliban denied engagement in the attack and condemned it, but doubts still prevail.

This attack comes within 10 days after a suicide bomber blasted himself near a populated tuition center in Kabul – the Afghan capital, mostly attended by the Shia Muslim community.

Twenty-four people, mostly students were killed in the attack, We The World previously reported. The Taliban initially denied involvement, but later took responsibility. Attacks from the Islamic state have grown in recent years.

Remarkably violent militant attacks have grown in Afghanistan even after the government initiated peace talks with the Islamic state in Doha, Qatar.

While the government says it is trying to enable peaceful relationships with the Islamic state, but peace, of all things, is ironically scarce. Painfully, in most of such attacks, the nation’s commonfolk falls prey to an untimely and brutal death.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh said on Twitter: “One day we will correct our intelligence failures. But the Talibs, their like-minded satanic allies in the next door won’t be ever able to wash their conscience of this stinking and non-justifiable attack on Kabul University.”

“We will take revenge for this senseless attack and for any drop of innocent students’ blood spilled today. Our heroic defense and security forces will chase you, find you at any corner and wipe you out,” President Ghani said.

“I enunciate to the brutal enemies of Afghanistan that this attack will not remain without response; we will retaliate.”

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