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Kocoatrait: the righteous among the chocolate bad guys


Written by: Dibyani Paul

Siliguri, India: Chocolates are known to be dangerously addicting. Plus they contain all things that are gradually deemed bad: refined sugar, tonnes of carbs, dairy, plastic packaging, non-humane labor involved, and so on.

But not Kocoatrait.

Kocoatrait boasts of being the world and India’s first vegan, sustainable (all at once), and luxury brand of chocolate that ensures zero wastage right from production to packaging to waste disposal.

Instead of refined sugar, it contains the healthier organic muscavado; majority of the bars are sans dairy; packaging is fully bio-degradable. And yet, they’re luxurious.

In a market that is flooded with sigel origins, and bean-to-bar dark chocolates, Kocoatrait aims to add another feather (adjective) in the hat defining today’s luxury chocolates – Sustainable Luxury.

With this brand, you will right away be struck with a feel-good thought regarding being able to enjoy a guilt-free bar of chocolate where even the wrapper is completely eco-friendly.

Why Kocoatrait looks promising?

Kocoatrait isn’t your regular single origin dark chocolate. It is also not your favourite brand of vegan chocolate.

It is the world’s first ‘zero waste’ bar of plant-based chocolate where everything can be reclaimed by nature. Literally EVERYTHING!

From the chocolate (obviously) to the outer packaging, the whole offering is designed to merge back from where everything was once assembled.

While Indians are slowly but steadily catching up with the pace with a growing consciousness for sustainable products, Kocoatrait hits the right chords when it claims all the wonderful efforts it has made to make each bar of chocolate vegan and 100% eco-friendly.

The packaging is paper, wood, and waste-free and is made from the husks of the cocoa beans and cotton.

Kocoatrait Coconut & Cinnamon Bean to Bar Chocolate
Kocoatrait comes in a very appealing packaging, made involving the under-privileged and differently-abled. Note the print, its not your picture-perfect graphics, but a soothing presentation. Image courtesy of Kocoatrait.

We were able to differentiate the packaging material without much effort with the PR kit sent to our office.

The concept of bean-to-bar is already quite appealing for the newer and older generation of people who are making conscious efforts to choose products that are not harming the environment in many ways.

Had this been introduced a decade earlier, the results would be quite different.

But given the backdrop of emerging environmental consciousness, Kocoatrait might even become the new trendsetter.

First Look: It’s different

Each bar of chocolate comes in a matte whitish base wrapper made from the cocoa waste generated from manufacturing the chocolate.

These wrappers have a very vintage look that will surely reel you back to the times when life was simple and close to nature.

Aside from the high-resolution prints and graphics, Kocoatrait’s coarse prints and pastel colors look very soothing.

It has a sort of old-world charm. The whole matte effect perhaps adds to the humble nature of the bar.

The wrappers are very uniquely designed featuring the wide range of flavors and the percentage of cocoa they have.

I could not help but liken their designs to the Aztec and African motifs in general which are the oldest known source of cocoa.

The inner wrapper is made with grade-one aluminum foil which can be reused in many ways.

So basically, the entire package can be either reused creatively or recycled completely. The choice is upto you.

Flavor and taste: don’t miss the aftertaste

Kocoatrait chocolate bars have a wide array of interesting flavors to try. Each bar also comes with a handy manual about how to taste the chocolate in the correct way.

Ranging from simple dark chocolate to lemongrass, jaggery, red rose, lavender and sukku coffee, coconut cinnamon, the varied range of flavors are sure to enliven your taste buds.

However, if you religiously follow the instruction given in the packaging to taste the bar, then it will definitely make up for a wholesome experience.

You must have a clean palate before trying the product. Do not start biting and chewing the bar right away.

The art is to let a chunk of the bar sit in your mouth and let it diffuse the flavors they claim to contain.

That alone will let you enjoy the wonderful bars to the fullest.

Pricing: it’s luxurious

While Kocoatrait chocolates are a bit pricey in comparison to a regular bar of milk chocolate that is readily available in the market, they also claim to be a luxury brand.

Moreover, as long as we do not normalize vegan products as mainstream, this price gap is bound to exist.

The amount of precision and quality that is poured into each Kocoatrait bar perhaps makes up for its high price.

Kocoatrait Zero Waste Chocolate
Right from the outer packaging to the bar, passion, care and perfection is evident. The flavors are as unique as it can be, and the price you pay is for the best. Image courtesy of Kocoatrait.

It also seems that the target consumers are the ones hailing from the upper middle classes who can afford to think vegan and choose vegan and are willing to pay more for buying vegan and eco-friendly stuff.

Kocoatrait cannot be expected to be mass sold in local grocery shops like its non-vegan, regular chocolate alternatives but can be sold only through gourmet outlets and the likes, anytime soon.

General feel: same with a difference

Indians are known for their extreme sweet tooth. Regular chocolate bars are consumed as desserts even.

Some people even dump dark chocolate as a sinister misappropriation of milk chocolate.

But for the relatively lesser percentage of people who cherishes the taste and feel of dark chocolate, a Kocoatrait bar will surely give stiff competition to the renowned western brands available in the market.

Quality is one hundred percent up to the mark. With its wide acceptance in commercial space hopefully will be available at a more affordable price range.

But no money can buy the amount of peace you feel when you read about how environmentally conscious and guilt-free in every sense of the word, this bar of chocolate can get.

After trying the jaggery version, at first I was unable to get the subtle jaggery smell lingering out of my nose, which later became eviden.

And the best part was the milky (so to me) aftertaste that lingered in my palate, whilst the product does not contain a drop of milk.

Winding up, it must be stated that unwrapping a Kocoatrait bar and tasting the chocolate for the first time is quite an experience.

I loved how interactive the wrapper was. Even the underside of the wrapper has a lot to tell.

So for me, it was not just tasting a new brand of chocolate but a novel experience altogether.

It surely inspired me to think of many other ways in which I can choose things that I use on a regular basis that could be less damaging to the environment and more guilt-free.

As I captioned the post, Kocoatrait reminds me of a righteous person amongst the ignorant ones.

Order your favorite bar from here. Prices starts at Rs.235/- per bar.

Our pick: Kokoatrait 70% Pink Salt and Cranberry; Kocoatrait 73% Espresso Coffee Chocolate.


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