Greece raises alarm amid spiking COVID-19 infections among youth

Greece raises alarm amid spiking COVID-19 infections among youth - We The World Magazine

Government health authorities in Greece raises alarm as an increasing number of youth in the country are contacting the virus as they continue to flout social distancing norms and participate in high-risk activities.

Public health officials attribute to the abrupt rise in the number of cases to the young population which is not complying with the authorized safety measure, the Guardian reports.

The country in the last 24-hours registered 153 new cases, 11 of which were detected in various entry points like an airport, Turkish media Anadolu Agency reports.

Experts attribute the rising number of cases in Greek cities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Cyclades to the young generation who are flouting mask-wearing as well.

“Young people need to be very careful. They are spearheading the epidemic’s future [trajectory],” infectious disease expert, professor Charalambos Gogos told MEGAT TV in an interview.

A total number of infections in Greece is 5,123 infections with more than 22 deaths, per Worldometer data. Meanwhile, the US State Department has advised American’s planning to travel to Greece to reconsider their plans.

The CDC has ringed a level 3 alarm for travelling to Greece and has urged all Americans to “avoid all nonessential international travel to Greece.”

The average age of the infected in Greece dropped to 45 years on an average, the Guardian noted, which is much lesser than the earlier average.