Google says it has entirely paid back the carbon debt owed to the world

Google says it has entirely paid back the carbon debt owed to the world - We The World Magazine
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company is now free from every debt of carbon footprint the company ever owed since its inception.

According to Google, it has eliminated the entire ‘carbon legacy’ through the purchase of ‘high-quality carbon offsets,’ which means the company has compensated for every carbon footprint created.

“This means that Google’s lifetime net carbon footprint is now zero. We’re pleased to be the first major company to get this done, today,” Pitchia says in a blog.

In 2007, the tech giant announced it has become carbon neutral, which means the operations of the company resulted in the formation of zero annual carbon in the atmosphere.

Google was also the first major company in 2017 to announce its energy footprint can be matched with 100 percent renewable energy use.

Mr. Pichai said the company is looking forward to running all its operations worldwide using zero-carbon resources by 2030, saying this is the company’s ‘biggest sustainability moonshot yet, with enormous practical and technical complexity.’

Literally, manifesting such an exercise will result in absolutely zero carbon footprint 24-hours a day every time someone uses Google products like Gmail, Google voice search, or YouTube.

“Not long ago, it was hard to imagine a 24/7 carbon-free electricity supply—at a simple level, the wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun doesn’t shine at night,” Pichai wrote.

“But thanks to trends in technology, and with the right government policies, the promise of 24/7 clean energy will soon be within reach.”

According to the CEO, Google will invest in technology and infrastructure that make the carbon-free operation possible at all times, ‘like pairing wind and solar power sources together, and increasing our use of battery storage.’

“And we’re working on ways to apply AI to optimize our electricity demand and forecasting. These efforts will help create 12,000 jobs by 2025.

Google is not the only tech giant that is carbon neutral. Rival Apple Inc. too is a carbon-neutral technology company and is aiming to ditch the impact of CO2 from all its products as well, by 2030.

Environment activism group Greenpeace lauded Google’s move. Senior corporate campaigner at Greenpeace USA, Elizabeth Jardim said: “Today’s announcement, combined with Google’s promise in May to no longer create artificial intelligence solutions for upstream oil and gas exploration, shows that Google takes its role in combating climate change seriously.”

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