WATCH: Gloria the baby hippo’s first-ever dip in a pool

WATCH: there's rarely anything cuter than a baby hippo's first swim - We The World Magazine

Baby Gloria apparently never saw a deep pool. And we, the humans are fortunate that she did not. Because if she was experienced, who would look as cute as her?

Gloria is France’s Beauval zoo’s smallest hippo and she took the baby steps into her enclosure’s 2-meter deep pool, snout-first, on Monday. Don’t underestimate Gloria. Only a few weeks old, she had already swan in smaller interior pools, at the close vigilance of her big mum.

According to Sky News, Gloria was born 38 kilograms, her mum’s first kid, and the only one in France. She was reportedly named after Gloria the Hippo of Madagascar movie.

Take a look at Gloria’s baby steps into water below:

See how tiny and adorable she looks beside her mum. Just so you know, Hippos are excellent swimmers. They’re mostly herbivorous, have a slippery skin, and are semiaquatic ungulates (hooved mammals). After Elephants and Rhino, they’re the third-largest land mammal.

Surprisingly, hippos might have a striking resemblance to pigs, with their bulky cylindrical body, their closest relatives are whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Hippos nudged the genetic game to their side 55 million years ago and diverged from them.

Gloria is the french Zoo is named after the Madagascar movie hippo of the same name/ Gloria the baby hippo’s first-ever dip in a pool

Gloria could grow up to weight up to 1300 kgs, while males would reach 1500 kg. Don’t be fooled by their bulky built, over short distance an angry, excited, or charged hippo will touch 30km/ hour. You might be sad to know though, hippos are among the world’s most dangerous land animals. In the blink of an eye, their cuteness can seem deadly if confronted too closely.

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(Cover image courtesy of Sky News Global via Youtube)

We still you Gloria (from a distance). We wish you the best in life. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.