Global coronavirus fatality rate surpass 500,000

Global COVID-19 fatality surpass 500,000 - We The World Magazine

Coronavirus fatality tolls across the world have crossed the drab threshold for 500,000 fatalities, on Sunday. On March 26th, the global number of coronavirus cases surpassed this mark. In just four months, the number of infections touched millions.

According to Johns Hopkins data, 565,719 people confirmed dead from the virus that originated in Wuhan, China. At least 12,741,287 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed from across 196 nations or territories, as per AFP tally. While at least 6,792,900 are now considered recovered, AFP reports.

Agence France Presse noted, while the number might seem unprecedented, given the short span of time the pandmeic has been active, this is only a fraction of the number of infections. Last month, CDC predicted a similar stance and predicted American caseload of COVID-19 might be 10X of what is reported.

Global coronavirus fatality rate surpass 500,000

While the majority of people will recover, some will fall ill with symptoms, there will be some who will not be aware of the infection, even if he or she has got it, thanks to the diseases’ asymptomatic nature.

AFP count concludes the novel coronavirus cases have seen a sharp rise since the start of July. On the weekend starting June 9, three of the biggest daily new cases were documented – nearly 220,000 on Thursday, more than 225,000 on Friday, and more than 230,000 on Saturday, according to reports. Since July 1, a record-breaking 2.1 million cases were recorded.

In India, while the recovery rate has increased in the last few days, the number of cases continue to surge in the nation of over a billion population. Caseload is racing to touch 1 million with currently 856,062 confirmed cases as of July 12.