Giant missile, emotional speech, mega maskless gathering marks North Korea’s military parade

Giant missile, emotional speech, mega maskless gathering marks North Korea's military parade - We The World
Image courtesy of @JohnDelury via Twitter

North Korea has conducted its ‘biggest-ever’ military parade commemorating the 75th Worker’s Party foundation day with an emotional speech from Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un, a show of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, and a mega mask-less gathering in the capital city center.

The Supreme Leader of the country’s only party, Jong-Un apparently choked while delivering a speech to the huge crowd that has gathered in the capital Pyongyang.

Kim, wearing a grey suit, spoke about how his country in the last few weeks underwent the wrath of natural disasters one-after-the-other. Some parts of the crowd joined in with their dear leader in tears.

People in the country’s Kaesong and other regions lost their homes to recent natural disasters and they were given new residents to move in this day. Kim Jong-Un’s family is revered like gods than political leaders in the nation.

North Koreans shedding tears while Kim Jong-Un gave an emotional speech (Image courtesy of @JohnDelury via Twitter)

None of the tens of thousands of attendants were wearing a mask, as Jong-Un thanked his nation for not having a single case of COVID-19 that has ravaged the world, and forced even the developed nations to the knees.

He offered an olive branch to the South and said the two Koreas will again join hands once the pandmeic is over.

Kim walked in front of the people and kissed children who gave him flowers, all mask-less. Pyongyang closed off the borders in January, forbidding every trade from the outside world to protect the nation from the virus.

But it remains unclear if the country has been successfully able to maintain a virus-free status, of it has actually failed to trace any cases of COVID-19 owing to its lack of infrastructure.

The country has sealed its border from people and material since January, and recently enacted a fearsome ‘shoot-to-kill‘ order for anyone trying to move to-and-fro the country.

State media KCNA broadcasted the whole event that took place in the Kim Il Sung square in an unusual predawn celebration. No foreign media was invited in the event.

Media reports confirm few foreign dignitaries in Pyongyang were asked to stay away from approaching the venue and not taking any photo of the commemoration.

Jong-Un — third-generation dictator was seen standing in the VIP balcony of a building, smiling, joking, and waving hands as the armed forces showed off their weaponry.

Fighter jets flew in the sky and fireworks lit the darkness with the party’s communist symbol.

A 22-wheeled transporter carried a mega intercontinental ballistic missile which observed noted was the largest-ever displayed by the country and CNN said it was the world’s biggest.

Flaunting every weapon that other nuclear-armed nations avail is a show by North Korea to the world that the country is capable of procuring weapons even under strict international sanctions.

North Korea, confirming the media speculations showed off a major intercontinental ballistic missile — largest-ever displayed by the country — among other weapons of mass destruction (Image courtesy @Kashmir28471265 via Twitter)

Also on display were other weapons like tanks that looked like the Russian-built models, the recent Hwasong-15 long-range missiles the country tested, and a submarine-launched missile.

Global media was widely speculating the secretive-nation would show-off new weapons, as it has not done since the Trump-Jong-Un summit in 2018.

Prior to that, North Korea flaunted ICBMs in a similar parade in 2017 amid heightened tensions with the US and international media was invited. for live broadcast. However, following the summit the Korea toned down their display of power.

Addressing the crowd, Kim Jong-Un said he would unleash the full power of his country’s army if threatened, adding that he was not referring to any single nation.

No mention of the US was noted throughout the two-hours long ceremony, while nearly every random person in the nation harbor bitterness against the US.

“If you don’t have the strength, you’ll have to wipe away the tears and blood that flow with your two clenched fists,” he said.

Leif-Eric Easley, who teaches at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul said the recent gathering at the time of a global pandemic is ‘impressively large.’

“North Korean authorities are concerned more with political history and national morale than with preventing a COVID-19 superspreader event,” she said.

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