Germans will soon have to walk their dogs twice daily – new law will mandate

Germans will soon have to walk their dogs twice daily - new law to mandate - We The World Magazine
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

German dogs are up for great news, as their owners might soon be literally ordered to take them out twice daily after the agriculture ministry is mulling a law to mandate the act.

According to a report, Germany’s agriculture minister Julia Klöckner said she was introducing a new law which is based on scientific evidence that walking twice a day is efficacious for the welfare of the county’s 9.4 million dogs.

As per Klöckner, the new upcoming law is based on science that reaffirms the best thing for the pooches, getting out do wander to “sufficient measure of activity and contact with environmental stimuli,” the Guardian reports.

That goes on to say, pooch owner will now, by law, take them out for walks at least twice a day, for a couple of hours. Those who already do so, lead by the urging puppy eyes, they’ll have to adapt less, it turns out.

The new law could also enact a ban on tethering of dogs for long hours on-chain or leash and the owner will not be able to leave them aloof for long hours and someone must attend them several times daily.

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“Dogs are not cuddly toys,” the German agriculture minister says. “They also have their own needs, which need to be taken into account.”

The new law, which came to the forefront only this week, initiated quiet a debate, according to the Guardian. Who will make sure, that the 19% of the country’s households that own a dog are actually abiding by the law?

Some counter-arguments of the law says it is unrealistic while other say they already take their dogs out enough. A dog trainer argued the amount the exercise a dog needs is based on breed, health, and age of the dog, Reuters reports.

Dogs are the second-most popular pets in Germany after cats, who are, well, less demanding for a walk in the park.

Addressing the debate about the new law, an agriculture department spokesperson said, authorities from the 16 states will be responsible for the enforcement.

Germany is one of the EU nations with a stringent law governing pet ownership and raising. In Germany, almost one in every five households own a hound.

Germany’s most popular breed is, of course, the German Shephard, followed by the sausage-shaped, short-bodied Dachshund, labradors, retrievers,  Jack Russell Terriers, and pugs as per Reuters.